One Year Blog Anniversary

Yesterday, September 17th, was my one year anniversary of starting Monster Hunter Nation.

I started this blog as a place to pimp my book.  It has evolved into a place for me to make fun of stupid people, which is very cathartic. 

I haven’t written much during September. I’ve been swamped here. Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that, (with writing, not with being swamped, as being swamped pays the mortgage).

On the writing front, MHI is coming out from Baen in 10 months.  MHI:2 The Rough Draft is done.  The novelization of the Mr. Nightcrawler web-serial, book I of III is in production. I’ve got another sci-fi project that is just killing me to hurry up and write.  I can’t even really describe the plot here, because it is just that weird, but it will be very cool. 

I’ve written a few more articles for magazines in the last year, and I’m now writing for the United States Concealed Carry Association news letter. I’m writing beside respected authors that I started reading in high school. 

On the professional front, FBMG is growing. The Summer of Endless Despair is finally over, and people are actually buying stuff again. The annual machine gun shoot is coming up in a couple of weeks, and we’re pumped.

This weekend is Mountaincon, in Layton, Utah. I’m on some of the panels. I’ve actually gained the status of “local author” which is pretty damn cool.  A huge step up from “wannabe author”.  This is also gunshow weekend, and will be the first show that I’ve ever missed since we got into the business.  The guys will just have to handle it without me, because I’m going to be arguing about Star Trek vs. Star Wars all weekend. 

Politically, when I started this blog, I was fixated on the suckiness of the Republican candidates we had to choose from to run against Hillary. We wound up with my 2nd least favorite running against a Democrat who I had dismissed as the Boy Band of the election. Luckily we recently added an actual Republican to the ticket, which is nice.

Teaching wise, I’m still the busiest CCW instructor in the state, as far as I know. I’m teaching a lot more pistol, and having a really good time doing it.  I recently had somebody come through my class who had been to Ayoob’s LFI and Gunsite. I was a little nervous, because here was a person who has seen first rate instruction, and I was a little worried how I would stack up.  He had a great time and said that he learned a bunch of new things.  As an instructor, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

On the personal front, my family has had a great year. We’ve had lots of good experiences, the kids are growing, and life is good. We had one beloved relative pass away, who will be missed greatly. Some close friends have gone through some serious challenges, but such is life.  

So I’m just going to keep on blogging. It has been fun.  The fact that I’m coming up on a quarter of a million hits is a little disturbing, but kind of cool.

MHI Baen date: Coming in July 2009

8 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary”

  1. since i started reading your blog, we have had a baby, for pictures go to Its good to hear that life is doing well. Is there going to be an admittance fee to the machine gun shoot?

  2. Some people probably just refresh your page a couple times a day hoping for more funny angry diatribes about how Obama sucks and guns are fun.

  3. Star Wars vs. Star Trek? That shouldn’t be a long discussion. Just whip out the Incredible Cross-Sections from Episode II, and compare to the Star Trek Technical Manual: The Next Generation. 200GT main guns on the SW side vs. 64 MT (max) for a photon torpedo on the ST side, and it should be game, set, match.

    Having established my utter geekiness, congratulations on the success. Everytime I open SWAT and see one of your articles, I tell my wife “I know this guy . . . sort of.”

  4. Baen, huh? Good deal, that label has almost all of my favorite authors. If you need help writing those tender love scenes, John Ringo is there to assist. 😉

    So, now it’s you, John Ringo, the Davids (Drake and Weber), Tom Kratman, Eric Flint and even RAH reprints. Life is good at Baen.

  5. TEN MONTHS?!?!

    Dayum! It was already published once! What, they had to let a special crop of trees grow from saplings to make the paper? Couldn’t find a virgin to sacrifice? What?

    Ten MONTHS! (Mutter, mutter, mutter. . .)

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