9 thoughts on “MHI Baen date: Coming in July 2009”

  1. Will there be an electronic version as well? I already bought several e-books from Baen, and I was hoping to get MHI in that way too.

  2. Right on!

    Is this hardcover? I have the PoD version so I am not picky but I love having the hardcover versions of books I read more than once.

    (waves his $30 ebay copy around at the unwashed unread masses going “neener neener!”)

  3. Too bad you didn’t get an okay for a run of 1000 that you could put aside for the faithful who bought the original PoD of the first one. Sell them at a slight premium and watch them go out as fast as you could pack ’em. BTW, how do we, the firsties, go about getting you to sign volume II?

  4. I invite you to join some of the Baen Bar forums such as The Kratskellter (Tom Kratman’s forum) MadMike (Michael Z. Williamson), Ringo’s Tavern (John Ringo) or perhaps start your own. Williamson is returning from being deployed to Iraq but has his forum and a blog site.

    You’ll find these folks to be of like mind. Kratman has a CCW for instance, and Mad Mike build ARs as a hobby.

  5. Crucis, I know Mad Mike a bit. He actually read MHI before it ever came out, gave me some good advice.

    emdfl, I have no idea. I’ll travel around, and sign stuff wherever I go.

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