Need to sell a bunch of guns, End Of Summer blow out sale

I need to move a bunch of guns out of here. We’re coming up on the busiest part of the year, so I need to clear out some inventory to get ready.  List is below.  If anybody wants any of these items, e-mail me at or call my shop at (801) 571-1160.  If I need to ship, figure that it takes $32 to ship a handgun, and $25 to ship a long gun. 

FN PS90 $1599  (black with rail)

Calico M100 .22 $510

Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 $555

CZ513 Basic .22 LR $265

Chinese Ithaca M37 clone 12 gauge $180

Remington 870 20 gauge, 18” with mag extension, synthetic $340

Century WASR 3 $410

Tromix Saiga .308 conversion with ACE SOCOM and 10 FBMG twenty-round magazines $1450  (used, but like new)

FBMG Saiga .308 conversion, fixed synthetic stock, Duracoat black $1000

Century Golani sporter $735

Century AMD65 7.62×39 (new but has scuff on dust cover) $500

CZ Vz58 military $799

Arsenal SLR106FR 5.56 $850

STI Escort .45 $876

STI Rogue 9mm $880

STI Trojan .45 $880

STI Spartan .45 $600

STI VIP .45 $1450

Sig Revolution Carry with Night Sights $875

Sig 226 .40 with night sights $775

Sig 226 9mm Tactical threaded barrel, night sights $925

Sig 220 .45 night sights $775

Sig 220 .45 combat DAK night sights $875

Sig 226 .40 Equinox night sights $875

Sig 229 .40 Equinox night sights $875

Sig 220 .45 Equinox night sights $875

Sig 1911 Platinum Elite .45 night sights $925

Sig GSR Stainless night sights $845

Sig 1911 Target $899

Walther P22CA long barrel chrome slide $375

Walther P22CA with both barrels, grey frame $375

Kahr PM40 stainless $600

Kahr MK9 $650

S&W 1911 Stainless $770

CZ75B 9mm $435

CZ85B 9mm $500

FNP $460 ( I have 9mm, .40, in black, and stainless, and one compact 9mm)

FN 5.7 $899

Used Glock police trade ins with night sights $400 (one 23 and two 22 all .40)


All state and federal laws apply, bla bla bla… 

You are more likely to get shot in Chicago than Iraq
CZ Group Buy III - Here We Go Again!

8 thoughts on “Need to sell a bunch of guns, End Of Summer blow out sale”

  1. Heck I will take them all if your willing to do a trade. I have a wife in used condition and two teenage daughters (this week in a one of “them moods” where they don’t talk to their parents). Heck I’ll even throw in my dam dog. It don’t hunt or do much of anything other than eat and poop.

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