So now experience matters…

John McCain today did about the smartest thing I’ve seen from him so far.  He picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his VP.  She’s been a governor for about a year and a half.

Already the Obamachumps have started in.

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York said McCain was taking a “roll of the dice” and declared that Palin’s “lack of experience makes the thought of her assuming the presidency troubling.”

Let’s ponder this one for a second.  Barack Obama graduated college, became a “community activist” (wtf ever that is), was a state legislative puppet for Tony Rezco in the most corrupt state in the nation, became a US senator, immediately started running for president, and has actually worked for like 140 days as an actual senator.

All campaign we’ve been told over and over and over by the media that that’s okay!  See, because John McCain has tons more experience, experience doesn’t matter, because Obama has like hope and change and shit.

So Palin is a governor for about as long as Obama has been a senator.  Only she had to actually, you know, make decisions and stuff.  Before that she was a mayor, city council, and had a government energy job. Being a governor is a lot more important than being a senator, because you’re an actual executive, rather than somebody who votes on the actions of real decision makers.

So now the Obama campaign can attack about lack of experience in the Repub #2, when their #1 has no experience?  Nice.

Bring it.

I’ve already heard people saying that McCain was just “pandering” to the Republican base by, you know, picking an actual conservative republican.  So out of the 4 people involved, we’ve got a Marxist, a Socialist, a Conservative Democrat, and finally we’ve got an actual Republican.  This has to be terribly shocking for the media.

For the first time in this campaign, I’m actually excited.  John McCain actually picked a Republican.  Maybe the press can go back to saying he’s a maverick again.

Obama picks Biden.  YAWN.  We don’t need to go out of our way to pick him apart, since he’s cast 10,000 votes, and most of them are stupid.  So you’ve got one brand new senator, and one ancient senator.  Except that the dems flipped it, and stuck the inexperienced one first.  Because he was prettier and could read a good speech off a teleprompter.

The repubs have one ancient senator, and one young governor.  She’s actually prettier than Obama too. 

So while Obama goes off about how we can just abort our “mistake” children, Palin raises her baby with down syndrome while her Eskimo husband works a blue collar job in the oil fields.  While McCain gets blasted for having 5 houses, Obama lives in one bought for him by a mobster.  While Obama is pretty good at basketball, Palin can shoot a moose through the eye at 200 yards with a 338 Winchester Magnum.  McCain’s spouse makes beer.  Obama’s spouse wrote a thesis about racism is rampant in America. 

Do the math on this one folks, and then get back to me with which side is actually going to connect with the American people.

I’ve not got the quote yet, but apparently one of the Obama campaign people has made negative comments about how Palin comes from a small town background.  Oh please… Oh please push that one. Merry Christmas for us.  Do you democrats realize just how much most of America absolutely hates being told what to do by a bunch of big city elitists? 

I’m trying to find out everything I can about Palin, but what I’ve gotten so far is that she’s squeaky clean.  There’s been exactly one scandal under her watch, that she’s been 100% upfront about, and the guilty were punished.  We get a new Obama scandal daily, depending on which former terrorist or America hating douche bag he’s hanging out with now, but I digress. 

She’s been consistent in her defense of the unborn. That offends a bunch of you, but well, too damn bad. Keep your pants zipped and quit killing babies because it makes your life inconvenient.  The next person that tells me that abortion is good because it keeps kids from being “raised in poverty” I’m going to punch in the throat, because I was raised pretty damn poor, and I’m doing just fine, thanks. 

She’s good on guns. I don’t think you can be anti-gun and get elected in Alaska.  Their democrats own machineguns.  Having large animals that will eat you tends to keep self-defense in perspective.  That’s kind of why I wanted to go ahead with my Cloned Velociraptors Let Free in Manhattan idea.

When Alaska’s state government had a surplus of money, she gave it back.

Her predecessor bought an executive jet.  She sold the executive jet and uses her own private vehicles.  She apparently knows how to fly a float plane, and owns one, which is worth 10 million cool points. 

So overall, looking good.  I’m cautiously optimistic. 

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19 thoughts on “So now experience matters…”

  1. As near as I can tell, the way this works is that it’s unfair of McCain to criticize Obama as inexperienced, because experience doesn’t matter, but it’s okay for Obama or his supporters and surrogates to criticize McCain’s VP for being inexperienced, because it means that Republicans are hypocrites. (Does picking Biden to shore up Obama’s woeful lack of experience make the Democrats hypocrites? No?)

    By my count, she’s got four more years of experience, even if it’s all state and local stuff, and much of it is in executive roles. She brings a type of experience to the Republican ticket that appears no-where on Democratic ticket. Good on her. I think she’s a pretty good choice.

  2. The best thing about Sarah Palin is that she gives us someone to Vote For, rather than someone for us to Vote Against Obama.
    I pray we have 16 YEARS of Palin.

  3. She’s good on guns. I don’t think you can be anti-gun and get elected in Alaska. Their democrats own machineguns. Having large animals that will eat you tends to keep self-defense in perspective.

    That made me laugh real hard. I needed that; it’s been a helluva day…

    I’m loving the Rep. veep candidate right now. On top of being an actual, ya know, conservative and all, there’s pictures/video out there of her with an Evil Black Rifle.

    That’s better than porn to some. I’m on the fence;)


  4. Sarah Palin is awesome, except for being a twit about gay marriage. But, she’s still a lot less of a twit than everyone else in the race at this point.

    She’s made me seriously consider voting Republican instead of Libertarian.

    -The Other Ogre

  5. This cloned velociraptors in Manhattan idea sounds intriguing. Do you think they’d be able to proliferate into upstate fast enough for there to be a season for them, before the snow freezes ’em to death?

  6. Well, rumors that dinosaurs were cold-blooded may be just that.

    Anyway, it’s possible I might actually vote after all. My main problem with the Republicans is that they’re too much like Democrats. Oh, and they want to take my social freedoms. (While the Dems want my financial and defensive freedoms.)

  7. Excellent choice on McCain’s part, politically speaking.

    I’m not going to get into a big abortion debate here (since that’s one of those things where no amount of argumentation will ever change a mind, since it’s held on faith), but I do want to say one thing. Nobody, but nobody, gets an abortion because it’s “convenient” or “as a form of birth control.” I hear this stuff a lot, and given that one of my closest friends got an abortion about two years ago, I can tell you that there’s nothing “convenient” about it. She was being responsible; her birth control failed due to a conflict with an herbal remedy she was taking, so even though she’d checked all her prescription meds for conflicts she didn’t know that herbal medications could do that too (thanks, abstinence-only education!). She’s not a slut. She’s not a murderer. She’s not using abortion because she’s too dumb to use condoms. She’s a girl, who made a mistake, and ended up making an extremely difficult decision. Whether or not you think that what she did in the end was right or moral or should be legal or whatever, that’s your personal politics, but to say that women have abortions because they’re too lazy to use condoms or take birth control is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. And unless you never once had sex before you wanted kids (and if that’s the case I salute you, because that’s incredibly rare even among Christian conservatives), I don’t believe that you have a right to pass judgment. “Remove the beam in thine own eye,” and all that.

  8. That’s kind of why I wanted to go ahead with my Cloned Velociraptors Let Free in Manhattan idea.

    I like it. What are the chances we can get some good video of it?

  9. First, I apologize for possibly starting a thread hijack, but I can’t help it.

    @Nick: You accuse Larry of painting with a broad brush in the same paragraph as you assert that nobody, but nobody gets an abortion out of convenience. That is utter, complete bullshit. My wife recently worked with an idiot who did just that on more than one occasion, and had no moral qualms about it whatsoever. I hate to burst your bubble, but not every girl who gets an abortion is an upstanding, responsible member of femininity trying to make a tough decision in this cold, hard world. I’m not trying to change your mind on the issue, because I frankly don’t care what you think about it, but your comment is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black, and you would do well to think just a bit before you commit word to keyboard.

    Now, to the subject Larry’s post: I’m absolutely thrilled with the selection of Sarah Palin, and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the Democrats freak right the hell out over it. When I heard about it, I thought to myself that McCain might have just won himself an election. I’m not much of a McCain fan, but I like Sarah Palin an awful lot, and I’m sure a lot of conservatives and libertarian-leaning Republicans do, too.

  10. Brandon: Fair enough. I tend to have the keyboard equivalent of verbal diarrhea, especially when it’s something I feel strongly about, especially when I’ve had a few beers. I stand by my beliefs but I could have definitely articulated them better. My bad.

    The only way I think Palin might not have been a good choice is exactly the subject touched on in Larry’s post–that is, having chosen Palin for his VP, McCain will hardly be able to talk about how important “experience” is. Sure, the VP candidate isn’t exceptionally important most of the time, but when you’ve got a guy like McCain, who’s viewed by most people (correctly or not) as old and feeble and quite possibly about to die, it does take on a certain importance. Now McCain’s shot one of his biggest themes–experience–in the foot by choosing Palin.

    I’ve also heard people say that he’s trying to pick up Hillary voters, and I don’t know if that’s true, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sure, he may get one or two, and he’ll definitely get some female swing voters because of it, but I think for the most part Hillary supporters are going to bitch and moan and yell and then eventually just quietly vote for the guy they actually agree with.

  11. I’m voting for HER, not McSpain. I must say this is actually an extremely brilliant selection! Okay, experience. Hmm, Mayor, executive position. Governor of a state big enough to be its own country. Surrounded by 2 other countries, Canada and Russia, geographically separated from the lower 48, with its own bloody missile defense system. I’d basically say she’s been President for of her own country 2 years already, she’s just coming to the lower 48 for the rest of the nation.

  12. Larry, you raise some really good points. I will admit to being a little wary of Palin’s experience and somewhat surprised that he picked someone that was fairly unknown. I like her stance on most views, though there are some a don’t like, but all in all, she seems like a genuinely nice person.

    I have had some great discussions with my lefty friends during this whole process. Most of them are fairly rational and respectful and will listen to a reasoned argument. Unfortunately, stepping out into the net shows the rest who seem incapable of using logic. At worst, they are willing to ignore Obama’s lack of executive experience (like you point out) and just say that he has good ideas or is very smart. At best, they say it is somehow equal…experienced president and inexperienced vp is the same as inexperienced president and experienced vp.

    No, it is not the same thing. The VP has some duties under the Constitution, but otherwise only has as much power as the President is willing to give them. Ultimately, it is the President that calls the shots and I haven’t heard either candidate say what role their VP will have.

    The “scandal” is a non-issue at this point, from what I can tell. If the Dems want to make a big deal about it, then they will essentially be defending a scumbag who threatened his inlaws, poached, and tasered his 11 year old step-son. Real classy guy.

    I think Palin has her work cut out for her. She needs to tell us where she stands on a variety of issues and talk about what kinds of policies she thinks are good. I am not completely sold on her, but I mostly like what I hear at this point and I am willing to give her a chance. It would also be nice if the Dems stuck to substantive issues rather then focusing on what is essentially BS.

    As an aside, I would have preferred her to told McCain no, get some additional experience and exposure, and come back.

    Palin/Jindal in 2012

  13. McCain’s spouse makes beer. Obama’s spouse wrote a thesis about racism is rampant in America.

    Do the math on this one folks, and then get back to me with which side is actually going to connect with the American people.

    I’m missing your point, douchebag (not capitalized for a reason)

  14. I had my son stillborn. My daughter died after 12 hours on this earth. Today they would be 22 and 23 years old. Usually I do not think about it- when I read a thread like this I do.
    I wish I had had a “choice”.

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