The Pink-Camo Breast Cancer Charity Gun Post

FBMG is proud to announce that we’re raffling a gun to benefit breast cancer research.   All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  The winner will be announced at our 3rd Annual fun shoot on October 4th. 

Tickets are $5 each.  They can be ordered in person at FBMG, online at , paypal at, or over the phone at (801) 571-1160.  Tickets will be on sale until October 4th. 

All federal, state, and local laws apply.  If the winner is not a Utah resident, then it is the winner’s responsibility to find an FFL for us to transfer the gun to.  The winner is responsible for all local transfer fees.  If the winner is a resident of a state with sucky gun laws, we’ll do what we can to make the gun compliant, but if you’re a resident of California or someplace equivelent, we can sell it for you and send you a check. 

FBMG has donated a Stag 15 rifle.  Our gunsmith, has done a custom pink Duracoat paint job.  The pictures above are not the finished product, as he still needs to touch it up and apply the final clear coat.  Once that is done we’ll do up some glamour shots, but the reaction was so great to the original posting that we had to hurry and put this up.

To all the gunbloggers who have linked to this, thank you.  This is for a great cause, and we’re looking forward to raising a bunch for charity.

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Breast Cancer Charity Gun

13 thoughts on “The Pink-Camo Breast Cancer Charity Gun Post”

  1. fyi, i just tried to order a ticket through the website linked above. it comes up as $0.00 and says that no payment is necessary. help.

  2. For some reason when I try to buy via your website, it tells me that I have $5.00 of savings on each item, and doesn’t charge me anything.

  3. Wow. I commend you on your creative fund-raising idea. Email me a jpeg and I’ll post about this on my site dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness.

    Good for you!

    Karen Lynch

  4. I lost a very good friend to breast cancer, still miss her wise counsel and advice, not to mention a beautiful young lady that I worked with, it left her husband devastated.
    Thanks for the opportunity and reminder of friends gone.

  5. My wife was seven months pregnant with our first child when she lost her mother to breast cancer. We live 1700 miles away, but we were able to catch a red-eye flight which got us there in just enough time for my wife to say goodbye. That was less than five months ago. I’ll be buying a few tickets, and if I happen to win then this will eventually become my little girl’s first centerfire rifle. Of course, it will be well-used by the time she’s big enough for it.

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