Further examples of why the Obamamessiah is all talk

Check out this link:  http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/07/obama-talks-about-lifting-child-in.html

Basically, Obama gave a talk about how we need to reach out to the children of Bangladesh and other typical feel-good claptrap.  (let me translate, I’m gonna take your money, and give it to the UN to send to 3rd world dictators).  In typical liberal fasion, Obama’s full of ideas of what everybody else should do. 

Turns out McCain has actually done something about that.  His wife saved a Bangladashi kid’s life and then adopted her.  No hype.  Did it back in the 90s.  He’s running for president, and you won’t get anything like that in the news.

Now if this was a story about the Obamamessiah, it would be a puff piece in every single newspaper and a special report on 20/20.  “Look how much he CARES!”  However, it was done by a Republican, so you’ll only hear about something like that on the blogosphere.  If Obama stops to pick up a piece of litter (or has one of his aides do it) then it will get 24 hour media coverage about how awesome he is to save the Earth.

I’m not a fan of McCain as a politician.  I hate most of his politics.  I think he’s a RINO of the 1st degree.  But when it comes down to the wire, McCain is a better man than Obama.  Cindy McCain is a better human being that Michelle Obama.

This slavish media worship of Obama does give me hope on one front.  Obama is basically the Boy Band of politics.  He’s got no experience, no talent, looks pretty, and only exists as a viable entity because he’s a media fabrication.  Just like your average boy band.  And just like boy bands, eventually they fall out of style because Americans tend to get tired of being told by the media and teenage girls how awesome they are. 

I just hope we can get 51% of the voters to pay attention to what this inexperienced “community-activist” is actually shoveling between now and November.

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2 thoughts on “Further examples of why the Obamamessiah is all talk”

  1. With all due respect, McCain has gotten some freebies from the media. They ignored his endorsements from wackjobs like Hagee and Parsley for months, but finally said something around the time that McCain dumped them. There are more examples. Some of my lefty friends are quick to point out the various favors Bush has gotten from the media over the years.

    I still believe that there is a liberal bias in the media, but I will concede it isn’t as bad as some would have us think. Maybe it is more a matter of perspective. Liberal viewers will be more sensitive to any kind of favortism that conservative gets and will just say that liberal favortism is just the reporting being factual. The same holds true for the opposite.

    I think you have more faith in the American voter than I do. While there are plenty of people that make decisions on the issues, there are many more that don’t and just vote for someone bacause of some stupid reason. I am sure that there are plenty of Obama supporters that are just caught up in the hype. Bush got plenty of votes because, aw heck, he was just a regular guy. I don’t see this trend changing any time soon.

  2. Funny, think it was MSNBC that had a TESTED IN THE CLASSROOM clip about Barrack’s ideologies being grounded in application (actually, that’s how I was reading it)–and here’s what one of his colleague’s had to say — ““I don’t think anything that went on in these chambers affected him,” said Richard Epstein, a libertarian colleague who says he longed for Mr. Obama to venture beyond his ideological and topical comfort zones. “His entire life, as best I can tell, is one in which he’s always been a thoughtful listener and questioner, but he’s never stepped up to the plate and taken full swings.”
    Steve S is right — Heck, if a tax cheat like Al Franken can get serious support to run for Minnesota’s Senate, there’s more than ‘plenty of people’ that will indeed make decisions on something as stupid as “HE REALLY LISTENS TO ME”.

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