New blog about why Obama sucks  Dave Markowitz created this place to be a compendium of reasons why Obama is one of the worst candidates ever. 

I can only imagine what would be the media’s reaction if they were to find out that John McCain’s self-proclaimed mentor was a racist, his good friends were convicted terrorists, that he wanted to create a Civillian National Security Force the size of the US military, or any of a hundred other things the Obamamessiah has gotten away with. 

Go Dave.

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5 thoughts on “New blog about why Obama sucks”

  1. Hey guys,
    I just purchased this new book on Obama, its great!
    Check it out, its called “The Accomplishments of Barack Obama”, it has a table of contents and a foreward, and the rest of the book is blank. I baught three of them for my friends in the office. Check out the website, I put the book on my coffee table and had a party this past weekend, everyone thought it was hilarious:

  2. i find it amusing that the best you guys can do is “obamanazi” and “obamamessiah”. anyone with a bit of brains understands that the u.s. president has a limited amount of influence on what happens with the u.s. economy. regardless of who won the last election was going to be crucified because the president cannot control the economy. the banks shut down and stopped lending when the housing bubble burst in mid 2008. we were fucked for many years coming regardless of the president’s fiscal policies.

    obama screwed up when he said,” x amount of jobs were going to be created by the stimulus” because you can’t prove a negative and offset jobs created vs. jobs lost. but in truth he has followed proven policies from the 1930’s which have kept the country from a full scale 20% unemployment situation.

    fiscal policy is a runt compared to the influence of monetary policy and laws regarding how the banks and wall street are permitted to invest. the fact is that the messiah called, “ayn rand” and her adherents are reponsible for the destruction of the united states economy.

    it wasnt the repubs or the dems who were responsible for this misreading of history (go back and look at 1929-1932 economic policy if you dont understand what i am saying), it was a philosophy that ignored previous american history that was responsible.

    reagan wanted to marry into the evil that is ayn rand, alan greenspan was her idiotic love child, bill clinton and robert rubin were her moronic grandchildren. and gw bush was her dimwitted fourth generation child with the shit spoon born in his mouth.

    alan greenspan created this mess we are in today. he thought all bubbles (internet or housing) were okay because the behometh we call the economy was always self correcting. stop with the partisan bullshit. this is not about dems vs. repubs. it’s about those who ignore history in favor of their own non proven philosophies.

    this has nothing to do with obama or even gw bush. it’s about a failure to appreciate history and a willingness to accept short term gains at the expense of long term goals. in short, some creeps led by alan greenspan on wall street wanted to get uber rich and the populace be damned at the expense of the rest of us. the sooner you repubs accpet the fact that greenspan and “supply side” economics and non intervention into wall street is a recipe for disaster, the sooner we can dig oursleves out the whole we currently exist in.

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