If the last Obama post ticked you off, check out HR1302

Just google it.  It is the Global Poverty Reduction bill.  Basically it takes .7% of our GDP and donates it to the UN to help make Africa a better place.  Guess who’s behind it?   Yep, our buddy, Barack Brownshirt Obama. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Go check out the bill.  It will be coming up for debate here shortly.  Because once again, Democrats know that you’re too stupid and greedy with your own money to do the right thing with it.  You’re not nearly as smart as the brilliant minds at the UN, the same people that brought you Oil for Food for Bribe Money. 

Think about this, we’re talking about giving something like 84 BILLION dollars a year to the UN, so that they can then funnel it to ruthless warlords.  Read some of the commentary by people that think this is a splendid idea.  It will make your head burst.

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9 thoughts on “If the last Obama post ticked you off, check out HR1302”

  1. I can’t wait for Obama to bring back the Clintonian practice of putting the military in blue berets and putting them under the command of UN/foreign officers.

    All in the name of world peace, you see. Those silly legal issues about chain-of-command and what not? Pshh. Right wing propaganda.

  2. Mr. Correia, you have it wrong.

    It’s… uh… more like 845 Billion, according to Accounting Today.


  3. im kind of a novice at reading this congressional junk but im not seeing any numbers…

    senate version

    house version

    personally i dont care if the rest of the world starves. feeding our own citizens should be the priority.
    once they are fed they should be able to go to work.
    maybe if they dont have food in those countries they should make farms instead of babies.

  4. Why aren’t we making them pay us tribute?

    After all, our words are backed with nuclear weapons … and we grow tired of their insolence.

    Take the top 10% of money collectors from the IRS, and put them in the External Revenue Service. Give them permission to use a portion of the Department of War’s budget to collect tribute … 0.7% of their GDP for a start.

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