Ordering a bunch of STIs on Monday, any of you guys want one?

I’m putting in a bulk order for STIs on Monday morning.  I figure since I’m doing a group buy sized order, if any of you guys want me to throw one on for you, let me know.  I’ll do my regular group buy prices (which if you’ve got a quote from me before, you know about how good those are).  Let me know ASAP.  larry@fbmginc.com

Also, I’ve still got the Bates buy going on.  I’m turning that one in at the end of the month.

About the upcoming FBMG machine gun shoot, October 4th
FBMG Machine gun shoot date, OCTOBER 4th

8 thoughts on “Ordering a bunch of STIs on Monday, any of you guys want one?”

  1. i wish, but we have to pay for a baby, then a revolver for my wife, and a shotgun, then maybe i’ll be in the market for a .45

  2. Which STI’s are you bringing in? I’d like to take a good close look at a bunch of different ones.
    You are so high up on STI – but everyone I’ve come across have been disappointing. Maybe I’ve seen bad examples. We had a guy from Team Safariland come out to our IDPA shoot and he had an STI… it was jamming harder than a rock band.
    I’m sure STI’s are great – they garner loads of fans – I’ve just not seen why.

  3. I’ve had nothing but good luck with them. My personal gun is wicked awesome.

    The ones that I’ve sold the most of has been the Spartan. I’ve done about 60 of those. I’ve had 2 with any issues. One needed a throat polished. The other was a bad extractor. As you know, that’s a pretty good ratio. They’re slick, shoot really well, and I sell them for under $600.

    The STI’s run good. Their single stacks work great, are built good, and are actually pretty comparably priced with other nice factory 1911s. Their customer service is top notch.

    Their double stack guns smoke the competition. They own and dominate IPSC for a reason. They run better than Paras, and there really isn’t anything else in a double stack gun with a good trigger that doesn’t suck.

    I’ve had one bad regular STI. An Escort The customer said it wouldnt work. STI took it back, they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. But they worked it over anyway. Customer said it still didn’t work. So they offered to upgrade him to a higher grade of gun (which is a significant jump in cash) for free. He declined, so they refunded his money. That was only the 2nd customer that STI has ever had that they had to refund their money.

  4. yeah we have a baby that is due on august 7. its a boy, and i imagine many a fun day at the range teaching the little guy how to shoot. is there a particular brand of 1911 that is really reliable? maybe guns used for competition are just used so much that the wear out and jam?

  5. I need to take a good hard look at the Spartan.

    The STI Texican on the other hand – Holy Crap dude… that is one serious Cowboy gun. I just wish they would do one with a transfer bar safety like the Vaquero.
    .357 Mag would be great, and a .44 Special… I’d have to buy a Texican in .44 Special. Right then and there, I’d have to pull out the Visa Card.

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