FBMG's machine gun shoot is OCTOBER 4th

So the new date for the shoot is Saturday, October 4th, at Global One in Fairfield Utah.

Details to follow. 

Basically, it is an open to the public, fun range day.  We’ll be there selling ammo and renting machine guns and grenade launchers and that kind of good stuff.  You’re welcome to bring your own stuff also.  We’ll have food, and activites.

I’m going to approach all of the local competition clubs to see if they want to have a bay to show off their games and to let the general public try them out.

We’ll blow up a couple hundred pounds of Tannerite.  Last year we blew up 2 cars. 

There will be a small entry fee to pay for the range.  Last year I think we charged like $5. 

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  1. Planning ahead now…

    Hey! That’s after September 30! I’ve got a present for you…


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