CZ Group buy II is done

I wrapped it up today.  I’ve got a handful of people that I’ve quoted who will be placing their orders next week, and the ones that were ordered in the last few days go into CZ on Monday.  Thanks to everybody.  I haven’t added it up yet, but the total number was pretty close to the last one. 

The most popular item this time was actually the Kadet kit.

The most awesome product ever! THE BELT SWORD!
My XBox 360 offends Green Peace... Friggin' sweet!

4 thoughts on “CZ Group buy II is done”

  1. With ammo prices being what they are I’m not surprised that the Kadet was so popular.

    Now that you mention it I’m kicking myself for not thinking of asking for a price on one. The only .22LR pistol I’ve got is a P22 and I now hate the thing.

  2. Haha, yep! I’m one of the guys who ordered the kadet slide!

    Can’t wait until it gets here too. Larry, any chance we’ll get a notification as to when they are shipped?

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