My XBox 360 offends Green Peace… Friggin' sweet!

Apparently my XBox is filled with Beryllium (mined in Utah, as seen on the Space Shuttle!), Bromine (may cause sterility in Sea Monkeys), Polyvinyl Chloride (responsible for shooting John Lennon), and my personal favorite Phthalates (go ahead and try to pronounce that one, science boy).

What this all means is that if you break open your Xbox, and eat the contents, it may be bad for you.  And somehow, whenever I play Halo, an endangered caribou dies.  The carbon footprint for Gears Of War is larger than Bolivia (chainsaw bayonets use up precious petrochemicals, and at $4 a gallon, chainsawing all those mutants gets expensive!) 

Well, confronted with this astounding information, I’m now forced to think about how I’m going to proceed, so as to not offend Gaia the mother earth spirit…


Okay, I got it.


I’m going to go play Grand Theft Auto 4 some more now.  Because not only can I shoot police officers, steal cars, punch hookers in the face, and contribute to the further decay of society, I can also cause those damn polar bears to go extinct once and for all.   


CZ Group buy II is done
About those STIs...

13 thoughts on “My XBox 360 offends Green Peace… Friggin' sweet!”

  1. The only good polar bear is a dead polar bear. They’d wipe us out in a second if they had the chance. They’re up there, right now, hiding in their igloos, plotting against us.


  2. You know what else is filled with all of those nasty chemicals? Pretty much any computer ever made. CRT’s are even worse, and contain at least a pound of lead each, if not more, as well as mercury and several other nasty chemicals.

    Five bucks says that Greenpeace’s news alerts are typed on a five year old desktop running a 15″ or perhaps 19″ CRT monitor, which combined has more toxic chemicals than five Xboxes.

  3. Oh, yeah, one more thing – most solder is made out of a tin/lead alloy, with few exceptions. So pretty much any circuit board (which are usually made out of (petrol-chemicals) has lots of lead in it. Just wait until the envirowackos find out their iPods are bad for the environment…. >:)>

  4. OK… seriously, Polyvinyl Chloride? PVC? The stuff we all use around the house and in our yard? This stuff is toxic?!? Green Peace is so friggin’ lame. Why the hell would they spend money to research this crap? Just go back to tying yourselves to trees so I can take my chainsaw and hack away.

  5. Actually, damn near all the solder used these days has gone lead free thanks to EU regulations. Unfortunately the lead-free solder requires higher temps (more power used in manufacturing), doesn’t bond as nicely, and may suffer with tin-whisker issues (resulting in more electronics in landfills as they fail more often).

  6. To Greenpeace: “You are, all of you, vermin. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass.”


  7. I hope Greenpeace chokes on their grass diet. Get a steak you bunch of pansies. The more grass you eat the more caribou starve…and caribou tastes good.

  8. Okay tell me I am normal that I am addicted to Grand Theft Auto IV. I feel like I am in either a Monster Hunter dream (just because they don’t look like monsters doesn’t mean they aren’t ones) or a “Hello Mr. Nightcrawler” story.

  9. GTA4 rules. I was tooling around in a Turismo (Ferrari look alike) the other day and decided to see how wrecked I could get it. About 15 minutes later, all four wheels were bent at strange angles, every single piece of bodywork was smashed (the nose of the car was beaten back to the front wheels), the roof was scratched up from rollovers, and every single piece of glass was shattered. In the creation of that monstrosity, I managed to kill people from rear end collisions (their lifeless heads leaned forward and hit the horn), incinerate them from a hard impact (they get out on fire), and more. Give it a try in a rear engine car- you can beat the living crap out of it and it will keep running.

    At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the game as much as the previous generation, but the damage model is incredible.

  10. Wow. Greenpeace and I agree on something, though not for the same reason. I am offended that my 360(s) were such pieces of shit and I am offended at MS’s quality control.

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