I've got some extra STI Spartans if anybody wants one for cheap

I placed an order for a bunch of STI pistols a little while back.  That order is now ready to ship to me.  I ordered a bunch of extra Spartans http://www.stiguns.com/ as part of that order. 

These are excellent 1911s, especially for for the price.  Regular retail is $660, and they absolutely smoke anything else in that price range.  I have a mess of these, and need to move them quickly.  If you’re interested, please e-mail me at larry@fbmginc.com and I’ll send you a quote.  These will be going for a really smoking deal.

About those STIs...
Mandatory Training for CCW

5 thoughts on “I've got some extra STI Spartans if anybody wants one for cheap”


    Can I sell you my first born or maybe some professional web work for one? Need a kidney? Seriously! The combination of the NRA convention, a busted water heater, dead shocks, new tires, dental bills, and the newly purchased AR in 6.8 SPC has left me with a total of $7.13. You can have that and 3…no make it 4, right 4 pints of my blood!

    I’ll even throw in the second child. She’s not 3 yet, but give her time and she’ll be able to mow yards and clean windows.

  2. I think Mr. Allen needs to go to GA.

    “Hello, my name is Robb.”

    everyone: “Hi robb!”

    “I believe I have…a problem. Sure, it started innocently enough. A little .22 to plink around with. But then I started to tune it, a new trigger, fluted barrel, etc. I couldn’t get what I needed from it anymore, so I moved on. A pistol here, a shotgun there, but then I started hitting the hard stuff. Saw an RRA stripped receiver at a shop and thought, “Well, maybe I’ll build an AR-15.” Now I’m on my third, selling plasma to save for the free-float handguards. My wife said she’d leave me the next time I came home smelling of Hoppes, and I missed my kid’s baseball game for an AK build party.

    Yes, I think I have a problem….*hysterical sobs*”


  3. So are they called Spartans because they believe in simplicity and discipline, or is it because they declare war every year on their farmer/slave population to train their army?

    Ok maybe that was a little nerdy.

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