Pistol class on the 17th

I’m co-teaching a basic pistol class on May 17th out at Global 1 in Cedar Fort.  I’m doing the lecture portion, that will be spaced throughout the day, and that will cover everything needed for the Utah CCW permit.  (and a good refresher for everybody else).

The rest of the day will be a pistol class.  It will be a long day and we’re catering lunch.  The other instructors are extremely experienced, one longtime military SF instructor and one former Blackwater contractor and me (by FAR the least experienced, but I give a fun lecture). 

$150.  Contact me for details if you’re interested. 

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One thought on “Pistol class on the 17th”

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your site from a “The Box O’ Truth” forum.
    Seems to be an interesting site.
    Who are you…besides being the really big and bald firearms dealer and book writer?
    I assume you are located in Utah. What area?
    Can you tell me about your group buy’s?
    And for my stupid question of the night…what is FBMG?

    As for my introduction….I am from Hawaii, living in Dallas, Tx. (As in most things there are pro’s and con’s to the move).
    Love guns, but can’t afford much right now. I have a Cougar 8000, Sig Trailside, and a really, really cheap 1911 that needs a beavertail.

    I have a daughter in Utah that might be interested in taking at least an intro class into handguns. Does your organization get involved with intro classes, or do you know of some reputable people she could learn from?

    Thank you for your time.

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