Monster Hunter International: DISCONTINUED

Ha, I knew that would get your attention.

I sent off the paperwork to discontinue my self-published version of MHI, and sent back my signed contract for the “As of Yet Unnamed Big Publishing House” version. 

The downside?  It will probably be 6 months before MHI is available again from Unnamed Big Publishing House.  (they’ll get named here as soon as I cash the check).  Which means that if you want a copy of the original MHI, what’s out there in circulation right now is what’s out there.  Uncle Hugos probably has some copies.  Amazon has them in stock, but I don’t know how many.  Even if they don’t have them listed as in, if you click on the Used & New copies availabe link, there’s some there from the POD publisher.  Barnes & Noble has managed to screw the pooch the entire time, and hardly ever have it in. 

I got 20 more copies for myself on the way, and that’s it.  I figure I’m going to stash a bunch of those for myself.  Just in case I ever become famous, so in ten years I can sell them on E-Bay for stupid amounts of money and pay my house off, so I can move out to the country and build myself something that the government and the media will refer to as a “compound”. 

My novel, MHI, is in Entertainment Weekly
Movie Review: Southland Tales

4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter International: DISCONTINUED”

  1. Congrats on the book Larry, it looks like I lucked out when I was in there last Friday and you had a couple in stock. I started it on Friday and haven’t gotten to bed until 2am since then! Love the book!

  2. Yay for compounds! I want to be your house manager: greet guest, make appointments, provide first-line security…and I’ll have a teaching degree, too.

    You NEED me.

  3. If it’s the publisher I *hope* it is, then they’ll be offering an electronic copy of the book before the print version.

    That’ll hold me before the print version gets released.

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