Another example of why California blows, and I'm glad I left  Okay, let’s apply some critical thinking to this one.  Police surround this place, cut off all the exits, do a massive warrantless search, and shake down a bunch of people… because they MIGHT do something wrong.   

“If you’re not into street racing, why would you need that?” Riverside Police Traffic Sergeant Skip Showalter asked an enthusiast during a similar crackdown last year. “Why would you want more power going to your car?”

What kind of idiotic question is that?  “Uh… because I friggin’ can?  Because I’m an American?  Because I don’t live in Cuba or China?”  I hate that kind of reasoning from people in authority.  Though I usually get some variation of “why do you need a gun that powerful?  why do you need a machine gun? baaa…. chews cud.  Only criminals need AK47s.” and other assorted bunches of crap like that. 

I’m not excusing illegal street racing, but shouldn’t you actually punish people for doing the illegal thing, instead of people that were PARKED?   Read the link.  This wasn’t about public safety.  This was all about revenue generation. 

100 police officer raids, for revenue generation?

I’m a California refugee.  My wife’s a California refugee.  We’re glad to be in a place where the authority (though it too is bossy, annoying, and petty, like most authority) is a mere shadow of California’s.   Our bureacrats stand in awe of California. 

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who has a really good paying job in LA.  He’s moving out here as soon as possible, and taking a massive pay cut in the process.  He’s tired of living in a place where an illegal alien gang banger (who’s been arrested 10 times, but never deported) can walk up to an innocent kid on the street, and just murder them, and then have locals start making excuses for the criminal.

California keeps passing more and more idiotic laws banning everything pointy, sharp, fast, or with a carbon footprint larger than a milk-cow, while half the state has turned into a 3rd world nation, your governator commutes in a jet, and people making $120,000 a year can’t afford to buy a tin shack under an overpass. 

You’ve got Berkley.  Enough said.   

California’s just plain broken. 

And Californians, don’t get your feelings hurt, and come back and tell me how the weather’s nice, or you’re the 7th Biggest Economy in the World (well, whoop de’ freaking do), your state still sucks.  I lived there for most of my life, and every time I go back to visit relatives, it just pisses me off even more. 

Let me address that whole 7th largest economy BS for a second.  Everytime I’ve ever made fun of California online (usually because of their gun laws) I get fed that line.  Okay, you’re one of the biggest states, in the most prosperous country the world has ever seen, you’ve got abundant natural resources, the world’s most fertile farm land, and you take up most of the west coast (and all the resources and shipping ability) of the most prosperous nation ever, I would be shocked if you didn’t make lots of money.  But your broken down shell of a fascist state (but the weather’s nice!) is a shadow of what California should, or could be. 

Don’t feed me that 7th biggest line and expect me to go… oohh you’re so awesome.  California’s blessed because of the luck of geography, circumstances, and the work of the people that came before you.  California’s on a slide into asinine oblivion and irrevelancy.

Then I get that whole- “Well, whatever way California goes, the rest of the nation goes to!” 

Not if us poor hicks out here in red state country can help it.  California’s no longer a leader to the rest of us. California is amusing.  California is only a leader to people who’re insane, buy into hype easily, or belive that government can solve everything. 

To those few of you that have stayed in the Golden State to fight the good fight, God bless you.  You’ve done your best.  But you’re hopelessly outnumbered by stupid people.  You’ve been outmaneuvered by a superior force.  Good luck. 

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18 thoughts on “Another example of why California blows, and I'm glad I left”

  1. I’m a California refugee. I grew up in Bakersfield, the most conservative city of its size in California. My old man bought what was most likely the last registerable assault weapon in California at 11:50PM Dec. 31 1999. Bakersfield was as good as you could get in California, but lame legislators from LA and SanFran saw to it that their brand of socialism was enforced in my little corner of the valley.

    I moved to Utah in 2001. Now, I can’t move back, as I’d have to:
    Sell off five grand worth of firearms (including a Saiga I bought at FBMG).
    Sell my car.
    Sell my 2-stroke ATV.

    California would be great, if it wasn’t full of Californians.

  2. The problem is that the asshats whose votes caused California to become a third world shite-hole will move to red states as well.

    They will shat their new beds just as thoroughly as they did their old ones, and have no clue why their troubles have followed them.

    Unfortunately, sane refugees from that state are rare. CA id screwed up because the majority there are idiots. They are idiots there, and will stay idiots when they flee.

  3. I read some time ago that Commiefornia’s police were impounding cars that LOOK like they could be used for illegal street racing. Including a young woman’s Corvette..which was just sitting there..going a whopping 0 mph.

    That place is so crazy it is insane…Commiefornia always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. And I don’t mean at gatherings..I mean they were driving around basically stealing these cars from their owners and charging them big $$ to get them back.

  5. I am from Texas and have always enjoyed a much more conservative type of politics than most states, especially California. California refugees (for the most part) have, however, begun to be a thorn in my side. They have decided that Austin is a nice place to settle, with much cheaper land than California and are trying to implement their idiotic ideologies on my capital city and therefore, on my state. I feel your frustration.

  6. Many gunnies aren’t aware of this, but CA’s car laws are about as bad as their gun laws.

    Any modified part installed between the air filter and the catalytic converter has to be CARB certified. CARB certification is an enormously expensive process that few manufacturers are willing to endure, so most manufacturers simply sell their products in the other states and in CA for “off road use.”

    Most of these tickets are for essentially stock cars with modifications that could not in a millions years cause pollution but are illegal because they lack CARB certification. The most common ticket items are:
    -non CARB filter on a stick- something the import crowd does a lot. Makes the engine sound slightly louder, maybe increases performance a teensy bit by alleviating pumping losses on the intake side. Essentially a cheap do-nothing mod that makes the engine bay look pretty.
    -non CARB headers- the tubes that carry exhaust gasses from the cylinder head to the catalytic converter and also house the oxygen sensor and/or EGR tubes. The only difference between a stock one and a modified one is that the aftermarket one flows a bit smoother and moves the air with less resistance. The non-CARB equipment doesn’t change the emissions of the car, but it doesn’t have the CARB exemption number so it is illegal.

    When I was there you had to endure:
    -a yearly idle and high rpm test
    -a yearly visual inspection of the car where they make sure everything is exactly the way it left the factory or that every deviation has a CARB certified exemption. This is loads of fun as I’m sure you can imagine.
    -they have since added a rolling dyno test as well

    Ironically, my rusty, ancient shitbox of a honda civic that burned a gallon of oil every month (not exaggerating, a quart a week) always managed to pass while my current well maintained car would fail because I have replaced almost the entire drivetrain with parts from various other manufacturers. Not surprisingly, my science project doesn’t have a CARB cert.

    I also can’t move back to CA because:
    -I have grown used to owning real estate and would have to give that up
    -I have grown used to not paying income tax and would hate to start again.
    -I would have to leave behind my tromix guns, my silencer and most of my handguns. Screw that.
    -I would have to leave behind my heavily modified car or risk thousands of dollars in tickets every time I drove in public.
    -I would have to endure the yearly hassle of vehicle inspection and paying 500 dollars registration per car, something I have not missed.

    So yeah, Florida > CA. The only thing I miss are the mountains and weather but everything else in the state makes me glad I’m not there.

  7. Jim W,

    So…. drilling a nice big hole straight through your catalytic converter would not be allowed, would it?

    Just wondering out loud…

  8. I have to agree that California suck. I grew up there myself. You probably couldn’t pay me enough to move back there.

    I have to completly agree with your argument about California’s economy. Its size (I usally here 5th biggest quoted) is due more to circimstances rather than excelent planing on the part of California. It happens to be in a good location considering we import so much crap from Chinia these days, stuff that goes further inland. It also happens to be a large state, one that is very heavly populated. It is also a part of the US. Those 3 things alone will l make you a huge economy. One thing though is just becasue it is large doesn’t mean it is good. Since moving here I have talked to several people who have left the state for no reason other than they couldn’t aford to live there any more. Yeah real good economy, bigger isn’t nesserly better.

    The thing that does scare me though is the person who says, well what ever California does the rest of the US follows. Sadly I think that that person is right, as much as I try to fight it.

  9. btw, yes, the CA economy is the 7th largest.

    When someone points that out to you, explain to them how a few years ago, it was the fifth largest, and businesses fleeing the ‘business environment’ here are getting the heck out and taking their money with them.

  10. Alex: While CA probably has a law against it too, that would actually be a violation of Federal law.

  11. Open Carry is legal in the less populated areas of California…

    Proof that “As goes California, so goes the rest of the country”:

    -the downfall of the Federal AWB.
    -microstamping failing in other states
    -the number of states that support shall-issue concealed carry

  12. Kalifornias debt is $60Billion and growing…and they want to talk about being the 7th largest economy?

    It is to larf.

  13. i live in commiefaggua only because i can’t
    afford to move…
    i have seen it go from liveable to the ninth circle of hell…without a massive dieoff of stupid people it will never recover…
    the freaks and arsehats are invading the northend of the state because of ‘affordable housing’ and our local libtards are
    amazed by the ‘sudden jump in criminal activity’…

  14. Many of us predicted exactly what has happened to California, years ago.

    Take Housing:

    Back in 1998 and even as late as 2002 when everyone was saying to buy homes in places like Los Angeles and San Diego many of us looked with bewilderment. Home prices in these areas were over valued back then and they still are today. The income to housing cost data shows that the median house should cost around 200k in San Diego. This is exactly where prices are headed. Prices will continue to fall with a few small bounces in certain areas, but you will not see a real bottom until 2012 or 2013. When this bottom is put it you will not see a ramp up of any sort. Adjusted for inflation homes in California, particularly in Los Angeles and San Diego will be lower 15 years from now. There is no catalyst for a California housing boom. California no longer gets the huge influx of migrants from other parts of the United States. These educated folk that California could count on since after WWII no longer chose California. In fact, the educated are leaving California in droves, destined for much better managed states such as Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Georgia and the Carolina’s as well. The demographic shift spells longer term, certain trouble for Southern California real estate. The uneducated hispanic population is not going to produce the wealth needed to support sky high home valuations. This will begin to be evident by 2025. The long term forecast for California for the entire state of California is dismal at best.

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