Why I would rather gouge my eyeballs out of my skull than vote for Barack Obama

“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Wow.  Just… wow.  This guy really sucks.  I mean, he really really sucks.  My personal political leanings are pretty darn obvious to anybody that reads this (I own a machine gun store, not a lot of Democrats in that line of work) so you can be relatively certain that I don’t like Barack Obama, but I think I actually hate him.

Well, I suppose somebody could say that by saying that, I’m racist or something, but hell, I’m blacker than Barack Obama.  My Mom’s from Africa and I at least grew up poor.  Let me see, how many times have I gone windsurfing on Maui… uh… NONE, but I have witnessed a crack dealer in Birmingham beat a man with a baseball bat and push him off a 2nd story balcony, so maybe Barack can educate me on the “Black Experience”.

No, I hate him because he’s a socialist idiot pretty-boy waste of precious oxygen.   

Here is a man that hates America.  He goes to a church that hates America and preaches that the CIA invented AIDS and crack to keep the black man down.   I don’t know about you guys, but if I was an evil mastermind intent on destroying a people, I would have to be pretty friggin’ clever to do it using drugs (that the victims have to actually purchase) or diseases you probably aren’t going to get unless you do a lot of really stupid shit. 

His wife, who makes $300,000 a year, lives in a mansion, and went to an Ivy Legue school talks about how America sucks and keeps the black man down.   I make like 15% of what she does, grew up in the sticks, went to a school where only half of us spoke English, and the half that spoke English, the other half could read, and put myself through a land grant university by working full time and taking 18 credits a semester, only to claw and scramble my way to some small form of success… but apparently I only made it that far because I’m like one shade lighter than her idiotic husband, because you know, America’s a bunch of rednecks intent on keepin’ her man down.

He bowled a 37.  A friggin’ 37?  My 7 year old can bowl a 37.  She’s 3 feet tall! 

Why are Democrats eunuchs?  John Kerry belly crawling after deer and Obama tossing efeminate gutter balls… The only Democrat that’s a man is Hillary, but she’s too busy dodging sniper fire.

Oh, this election has got me just filled with warm fuzzies.  John McCain sucks, but he’s like the 2nd coming compared to the other side’s twin sacks of crap. 

Another example of why California blows, and I'm glad I left
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17 thoughts on “Why I would rather gouge my eyeballs out of my skull than vote for Barack Obama”

  1. In fairness, there is some interesting evidence regarding the CIA and crack–not so much to keep the black man down (although breaking black power groups into rival crack gangs isn’t something that would have bothered Reagan too much), but to fund the Contras. The point of contact between Ricky Ross, the man who introduced crack to the Crips and Bloods, and the cocaine trade in Nicaragua was Oscar Blandon, who was also the link between the CIA and the Contras during Iran-Contra, and who was given a green card and hired by the DEA after serving his short scapegoat sentence for drug charges.

    Nor do I really think Barack Obama hates America. I think he’s wrong on some things, but saying that anyone who disagrees with you “hates America” is barely a step above saying that anyone who doesn’t carry a USP doesn’t value their life.

    Nor is he the only one to act as though he’s “just a normal guy.” Hell, look at Bush. If you believe his PR from 2000 (and to a less extent, 2004), he’s just a normal, easy-going Texas guy. Someone just like all the other guys you’d sit down and have a beer with. Never mind the fact that his father was CIA director, vice-president, and then president, or that his family owns property in Nantucket, or that his dad paid his way through Yale (where he was a member of the Skull and Bones, just like that darned elitist Kerry), or that he owned oil companies and baseball teams. No, no, he’s just like the fellas down at the bar!

    This is not to say, of course, that Obama isn’t largely full of shit. But he’s full of shit to pretty much the same degree that any politician is. If he picks a pro-gun Democrat as his running mate (which he might, because that’s one of the few vulnerabilities the Democratic Party has this year, and it’s not like the Brady types are going to vote for McCain), I’ll probably vote for him. Not that it matters anyway; thanks, electoral college!

  2. Hell, bringing a kid into the world unexpectedly is a pretty big mistake. Denying choice in that matter is only going to make both the kid and the parent’s lives hell. Face it, kids from all levels of society have been having such accidents for a very, very long time, and it’s not always possible to counter only with moral indoctrination. Pro-freedom means freedom of choice too.

    The prospect of a decent US president looks darker and darker every day. But hey, at least you’re not Zimbabwe.

    What part of Africa is your mom from, Larry? I’m from Durban, ZA myself.

  3. Did he honestly just say that? I mean WOW I know that my wife & I are sure glad we weren’t “punished” with any babies for the first 4 years of our marriage. (yes that was sarcasm) How does this man start by saying “I am going to teach my kids morals…” & in the same breath call a baby a punishment & compare a baby to an STD? What the heck kind of morals are those sir?

  4. Wayne, she’s a English/Polish/Lithuanian by way of Mississippi born in Libya. 🙂

    Oh, I don’t doubt that all politician’s are full of shit. And this year has been especially stinky. I just find Barack the most distasteful socialist to ever crawl out from under the rock that Chicago politics.

    And I do honestly think he hates America. At least the country as most of us would recognize it. When your entire philosophy is based on being a victim, then you need a victimizer. So every policy comes down to America sucks, so we need more government to fix it. So you always have to accentuate how badly everything sucks.

  5. Nick – I didn’t bother to read your wacky conspiracy theories.

    Wayne – profreedom doesn’t include the right to take away another person’s life, liberty or their pursuit of happiness (originally written as property)

    Larry – I agree with you completely

    I get sick of democrats acting like the only alternatives to unwanted pregnancy are raising the child yourself or abortion. Put the kid up for adoption!? My wife and I have only one child and have been thus far unable to have any more – we’ll gladly give your “mistake” a good home, love it, and do our best to raise it to be a good person.

    The irony is that the people who freak out when I go bunny blasting are usually the people who don’t think it’s bad to abort a baby.

    “not paying for our mistakes”? That’s an illusion my friends – paying for our mistakes is what helps us become wiser and avoid repeating them.

  6. Scarbelly – That’s okay, I know some people feel bad when confronted with something they hadn’t thought about.

    Regardless of how you feel about abortion though, why is it any of the government’s business? Some people feel that abortion is akin to murder. Some people feel that eating meat is akin to murder. Personally, I think both arguments are a little ridiculous (though obviously the latter indicates a slightly bigger disconnect with reality). But it’s an individual view of morality, just like religious beliefs or views on premarital sex. And like those, the government has no business regulating it.

  7. Give up, Larry…. A friend of mine was taught that the CIA invented AIDS to keep the black man down, and is working on the “melanin bomb” to wipe out black folks while attending a traditionally black state university! You’re just a hater if you don’t believe in all that.

    I overheard some black friends of mine disicussing the movie American Gangster. Wow! Just wow! Apparently, the government made him do it to Keep the Black Man Down.

    These kinds of beliefs are, unfortunately, widely held in the black community. Maybe Barack really IS black?

  8. >> profreedom doesn’t include the right to take away another person’s life, liberty or their pursuit of happiness (originally written as property)

    Ah, the question of what measure is a human. Forcing a person into a life path that they do not want *is* removing their liberty and their right to pursue their own happiness, and a blob of cells shouldn’t change that. Making the choice for them is depriving them of the right.

    It amazes me that there is a certain sector of society that complains about social welfare, and yet rails against abortion at the same time. You can’t expect people to ‘pay for their mistakes’ when they don’t have anything to pay with, and people by nature aren’t perfect enough not to make mistakes – especially in tight circumstances. So you end up paying for your own philosophy. Well done.

    Bringing a life into the world is a serious step, and will ruin your life if you take it unawares. Even if you give the child up for adoption, it will cause deep psychological issues after carrying it for 9 months. Then there’s the 9 months of discomfort, the very real possibility of losing (especially low-paying) jobs, friends…

    I guess people’s lives being ruined is fine, as long as they pay for their mistakes, no? Now tell me how shackling someone to a life like that by refusing to let them exercise control over their own body is “pro-freedom”.

  9. Wayne: Why can’t people take responsibility for their mistakes. How do you justify the murder of a child? My wife & I tried for 4 years to have children to no avail. We have been able to adopt 4 awesome children through foster care. These children’s mothers made mistakes, & they paid for them. Why do we continue to give people a free pass because they can’t make a correct decision not to screw someone else or to at least use a freaking condom? Why should we give someone a choice to kill a living human being because they didn’t have the self control to not have sex? They chose to “ruin their life” when they couldn’t control themselves.

    Now you tell me how killing a baby is giving a child a chance to make it in this world. When they have an abortion they are not exercising control over their body they are exercising control over the life of another human being.

  10. Scarbelly,

    You ought to look into foster care their are some amazing kids out their that could use a good home. My wife & I have adopted 4 through the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

  11. Why do we continue to give people a free pass because they can’t make a correct decision not to screw someone else or to at least use a freaking condom? Why should we give someone a choice to kill a living human being because they didn’t have the self control to not have sex? They chose to “ruin their life” when they couldn’t control themselves.

    Ohhhhh, so it’s about punishment. I get it now.

    Condoms break and pills fail, sometimes.

    Is it really a baby at one week? Or even twelve weeks?

  12. Condoms break, pills fail, rape happens.

    I don’t justify the murder of a child. I justify the removal of nonsentient genetic material. There’s a difference.

    If you seriously believe that someone deserves to have their life ruined for indulging in intimacy, or even just pleasure, then you need a serious dose of perspective.

    Voluntarily damaging your career, family relations and friendships when you know you can’t support the child is not taking responsibility – it’s guilt or ignorance. Being forced to damage the same isn’t enforcing responsibility – it’s malice. That isn’t even considering birth complications resulting in sterility or even death, both of which become more likely at lower-end medical care centers, and both of which occur more often in ‘kids’ – the younger girls who get pregnant and suddenly find that they have to deal with it due to Jay’s views.

    I want the choice to carry a gun, ride a motorcycle, vote for someone who represents my views, and practise my own religion. If I was a woman, I’d want the choice in whether I should have a child as well. Thus I support the right of women to choose.

  13. “Oh, this election has got me just filled with warm fuzzies. John McCain sucks, but he’s like the 2nd coming compared to the other side’s twin sacks of crap. ”
    Uhm, YEAAHH!!!!!!!!

  14. “John Kerry belly crawling after deer…”

    A decorated combat veteran. Compared to the alcoholic coke-head college cheerleader and draft dodger, Mr. George Bush.

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