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It’s showing as out of stock right now, and some of you have asked, but no, it has not be discontinued yet.  Some folks have e-mailed me about that. The contract is not signed yet with the big publisher.  I think what happened was that there was a run on them when I mentioned that I would be ending the self-published version soon.   I don’t know how soon exactly, but probably next week, so they’ll be printing them at the POD publisher until I tell them to end it. 

But as of today on Amazon: Sales Rank: #6,662 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)

#57 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
#84 in  Books > Entertainment > Television > Shows > 1980’s

Okay, I don’t know how I ended up as #84 on books about the 1980s, since the book takes place in the early 2000s, and the time periods that are referenced in the past are 1995, 1945, 1895, and an unknown period in the late 1400s. 

But hey, MHI can roll with Miami Vice, Night Rider, and the A-Team any day. 

But not ALF.  Monster Hunters have to draw the line somewhere.

MHI shows out of stock at Amazon - but you can still get it there
Anybody know where to get HK USP parts? No, seriously...

7 thoughts on “MHI on Amazon”

  1. Dude…. I wish I knew about your ban on ALF before I ordered.

    (Yes, I’m still sensitive, dammit you grow up in the 80’s with the initials ALF and see how you feel).

  2. As soon as I read of the impending book deal in the other post, I ordered one on Amazon minutes later. It said Out Of Stock, but I got a message the next day saying it had shipped. So all good.

    Congrats on the book deal BTW.


  3. Hell yeah. I could totally see Magnum and MHI working together. It would be like one of those crossover episodes, like when Magnum worked with Simon & Simon.

    Magnum gets a case, drives his Ferrari, looks cool, picks up chicks, discovers monsters, teams up with MHI, hillarity ensues. This story writes itself.

    Joe, sorry about ALF man. I didn’t know.

  4. I’m pretty sure (but only because I’ve got it on dvd) that the Simon & Simon crossover involved a Hawaian voodoo doll. I don’t know Hawaian monsters, but I’m picturing some poor sap getting bitten by a were-lizard, Magnum getting the call to investigate his disappearance, and finding out the guy used speed boats to smuggle drugs into the mainland…
    Somehow, he was oppressing a jungle village, and they call up Hannibal and the gang, B.A. is drugged to get him onto the plain….
    And somehow, during the boat chase, Crocket and Tubbs show up…
    And in the horrific crash, his monsterism is magnified and the episode ends with TO BE CONTINUED IN THE EXCITING NEW SERIES, MONSTER HUNTERS INC.

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