Anybody know where to get HK USP parts? No, seriously…

I had a gentleman come into my store yesterday.  I had taught his CCW class a little while before, and he had asked me if we could do modifications to guns.  I told him to bring the gun by the shop and I would introduce him to my gunsmith. 

So he comes in yesterday, real nice guy, and his gun that he wants to modify is a USP .40, and it is the variant that is double action only, with a manual safety.  I ask what the problem is, and he says, try the trigger. 

Pull-pull-pull-pause for breath-pull-dramatic hesitation-click.  I don’t know what the pull weight on this particular speciman was, but the trigger pull gauge doesn’t go that high.  Honest opinion?  It was bad, even by DAO standards.  Let me rephrase, it was bad double action, even by German standards.

So understandably, he wanted to change out the little plate so that he could switch it to the da/sa cocked and locked variant.  I told him that I’m not HK direct, so that his best bet would be to contact their customer service and see about getting the Variant 1 plate. 

He has contacted customer service.  Repeatedly.  For a long time.  Hasn’t had any luck.

So I’m trying not to say anything, because then everybody on the internet will say, Oh Silly Correia, you’re just biased.  You’re just a HATER.   You’re just not an OPERATOR! (on that note, there’s a video game forum that has posted my picture and my profile from my blog, and says that it must suck to be a 32 year old virgin, because apparently, if you don’t like HK, then you don’t get to have The Sex.  Which, I’ll have to inform my lovely wife of 10 years, that this new policy must go into effect immediatly, and also my 3 children, because apparently, they don’t actually exist.  Also ironically, they’ve somehow construed that I hate video games, because I make fun of people who’s knowledge base comes from games, when I’m hopelessly addicted to my Xbox 360.  Go figure)

 So my gunsmith and I start going to various places online that we can get parts from, and have zero luck.

So I pull up HK’s page, and start calling other Utah gunshops that are listed as HK direct dealers.  The first shop I call has been around a long time, and I used to shop there before I started my own place.  They’ve got some good people there, and are located in Salt Lake City.  Maybe they’ll have some, or be able to get them…

Correia:  Hi, I would like to get one of those plates so that I can change a USP from DAO to DA/SA with safety.  Do you have them, or can you get them?

Gunstore #1:  Uh… well… Yeah, about that, we’re listed on their page, but you’ve got to understand, that they’re kind of hard to get parts from… and… well…

Correia:  Dude, I’m calling from FBMG.  I’m a dealer too. I’m calling for a customer. I know all about them. 

Gunstore #1:  Oh, cool.  Then you know they’re a pain in the ass.  Sorry man.  Good luck.  You’re gonna need it.

Okay.  No luck there.  So I called another Utah gunstore on the list.  I’m not as impressed with these guys, but they’re on the list.  I will not reveal the company name to protect the stupid.  This phone call started the same as the first, but the idiot on the other line, barely able to string two coherant sentances together, at first didn’t understand what I was asking for, then got really confused, bloviated for about five minutes while I used very simple words to explain what I was looking for, before he finally told me to call back tomorrow to talk to his boss.

I hung up the phone, looked at the 3 Minions I had working behind the FBMG counter and told them, “I swear that if any of you, ever, answers a phone here, and you’re as clueless and useless as that guy, I’ll fire you on the spot.”  They all nod sagely.  “No, screw that.  I’ll just shoot you in the knee cap.” 

So I come to you, knowledgable people of the internet.  Where the hell do you get those plates for USPs?  I can’t find them online anywhere, unless I’m searching for the wrong term, HK customer service won’t call the customer back, and nobody local seems to have them. 

And no snide comments about how I should sell him a different gun.  Contrary to what some people on the internet seem to think about me, I’m not a devotee of any brand or type.  I just think you should use what works for you, and not get all self-righteous about your crap.  However, it is hard to use a gun with a 20 pound trigger that you start pulling in January and it will discharge sometime in March, (unless it’s a leap year, then it may go off in February).  Surely, if this customer was a REAL OPERATOR, living on a diet of raw snake meat and Dick Marcinko novels, then he would easily pull that trigger.

Ironically, since I was informed earlier this week that the “VAST MAJORITY” of special operations people preferred HK products, I thought I would check.  Since my store’s approximately a block from the Headquarters, and a big chunk of my customer base is wearing ACUs when I sell them guns, I do sell a few personal guns to SF people.  And since my business partner is the friggin’ armorer (45B) for the local SF unit, he knows everybody.  

Ironically, the single most popular handgun purchased was the Springfield XD .45. 

The single most popular rifle was a Stag AR15.  

Ironic.  🙂 

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34 thoughts on “Anybody know where to get HK USP parts? No, seriously…”

  1. Well, like the H&K, the XD .45 is a big, chunky, aesthetically challenged plastic double-stack .45.

    Unlike the H&K, the XD has a tolerable trigger pull. It’s even better than the Glock’s trigger pull, which is not unlike a bottle of Windex.

    Unlike either the H&K or the Glock, though, the average human can actually reach the trigger of an XD-45. That probably has something to do with it.

    As for the gamers…I didn’t grow up with guns. I got interested in guns because of the game Half-Life in 1998. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent most of the weekend playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl on my computer (which, after a couple of modifications, becomes somewhat playable, though I still can’t figure out why all of the rifles eject to the left and are backwards in every way).

    That said…kids, you don’t learn anything useful about guns from computer games, or from the X-Box. You don’t.

    When I was a kid, I was big into flight simulators. I was playing with the original Microsoft Flight Simulator back on my Packard Bell 25MhZ computer.

    When I was sixteen, I started flying a real plane. Not much, just a Cessna 150. You know what? My l33t skillz at Fighters Anthology (which I still think I’ve spent more time with than any other game) didn’t help at all.

    Is anyone surprised?

    I’m not knocking gamers, ’cause I am one. Larry isn’t either, especially after all the time I had to listen to him prattle on and on about how he beat Halo 3 on “legendary”. But seriously, playing even “realistic” games full of HK guns, like the Rainbow Six series, isn’t going to help you one iota on a real range anymore than one of those creepy Japanese dating simulators is going to make you a pick-up artist.

  2. I was thinking of going into the National Guard..and I would have gone in as a 45B. 45B rocks.

    When I called to have yall’s FFL sent to the place weren’t in at the moment and one of your minions answered..I can vouch for whoever it was (Just got a “Hello?” so no idea what the name was or anything) that they aren’t as useless as that guy.

    But that being said..I largely blame video games for getting me into firearms.
    I used to be a Counter-Strike kiddie back in the day..but I eventually learned that C-S is useless for real firearm info.

  3. And oh yeah..I have a FEG PMK .380 that used to be my uncle’ has atleast a 16lb double action trigger pull.

    But it’s also DA/SA.
    But can’t be carried cocked and it’s not going to be my conceal carry.

  4. Have your guy contact HK using his group letterhead/laurels. Nepotism can pay off since they’re not hungry. They make a drop in match trigger as well, which helps. But not much.
    They can always say “You think that’s bad? Check out the VP70!” Should have been sold with a “Captains of Crush” accesory kit.

  5. Hey, did I mention on the phone the other day that I just bought a mill and lathe? So, what does this little plate look like, and what’s it made of?

    Man, I half (or possibly a little more than half) wish I could move to SLC and come work with you guys.

  6. Well, in all fairness, Larry was the one who chucked a rock at their hive. It was buzzing angrily already, and all the drones were wearing identical HK t-shirts, which is a little creepy even for hive-organized insects.

    You can’t expect the drones not to swarm.

  7. Oh, for a second there I thought he said Larry was a Virginian!
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl – AWESOME game. Love it.

  8. Oh I should note, I did pay the extortionate charge to get my slide replaced (read the link above for background).

    Let me tell you, although HKs customer service people are just about the worst, their factory armorers are top notch.

    Anyway, after customer service squeezed the price of a used Ruger out of me, the factory armorers did something nice for me.

    I got the pistol back with two brand new magazines, and every part in the gun but the frame; new, and hand fitted.

    There was a service note in the box with service notations for every single part “tested ‘part x’, out of spec, replaced and fitted”.

    When I sent the gun in, it had a 12lb DA pull that stacked like mad, and and 6.5lb SA pull with nasty creep and overtravel. When I got it back it had a smooth and consistent 8lb trigger pull, and a decent 4lb SA with minimal creep (it’s impossible to take all the creep out of a USP trigger) and very little overtravel.

    1. Good day sir, I am a proud owner of an H&k USP Full size .45 desert tanned pistol, this is my very first firearm. I researched and tested a few pistols before I bought this pistol. Now, my situation is that I reside in the Philippines, as I was later on informed, the legal Hk distributors here must be recognized by Hk germany, no other Hk authorities (e.i. Hk usa) has authority over selling Hk firearms in the Philippines and at present, there are no Hk exclusive distributors here also. I bought my Hk USP from a legitimate gun store in the Philippines, which imports Hk pistols from the states and although this particular gun store has permits to import any firearms from the states, they did not have authority to distribute Hk pistols here in the Philippines. Last September 2008, in a riding incident, I dropped my pistol, the trigger guard broke off and I wasn’t able to recover the piece and although I believe the pistol may still function, I do not want to risk further damaging my pistol’s frame. I contacted the local gun store, they advised me to email Hk, which I did. But Hk Germany then informed me of the technicalities and legalities of my situation, translated “Nothing could be done unless by luck and God’s intervention an Hk service center may open here in the Philippines. Now, I love my Hk and although I will do the most legal procedure to secure a replacement, I am starting to become so desperate as to entertain a few suggestions, that may not be so regular in procedure. Like you sir, I too am a resourceful guy but alas, the privilege perhaps enjoyed in your country may not be so available here. To cut the story short. Please advise this humble Hk lover as to how he may again see the magnificent glory he has first experience and still yearns with his Hk pistol. Thank you

  9. NC: Congrats on getting away from the console and getting into a real aircraft.

    I found that flying and landing a Cessna 172 was a heck of a lot easier than the damned PC simulators ….

  10. Sigh. Games do get people interested in guns – mostly ‘cool guns’, the expensive, high-end firearms. The people who will go out and buy these are at least getting more guns out there in homes and in some cases on hips, but what we really need is some way to make even the low-end guns more attractive.

    That said, anyone know where I can get a .223 Colt Rangemaster cut down into a handgun? 😉 😛

  11. “I found that flying and landing a Cessna 172 was a heck of a lot easier than the damned PC simulators”

    You noticed that too, huh? LOL

    “but what we really need is some way to make even the low-end guns more attractive.”

    In S.T.A.L.K.E.R., you can get into gunfights with a Makarov and an over-and-under shotgun.

  12. Well, as a former Army Ranger, I guess I may qualify as an “operator”, but I too evidently suck and H&K hates me. What do I know about guns, I just carry a “cheap” 1911 clone, uh, I think it’s called a Kimber?


  13. “I found that flying and landing a Cessna 172 was a heck of a lot easier than the damned PC simulators ….”

    This is so very true.
    I haven’t fired up the flight simulator for 2 years, now, and only tried it a couple of times once I started flying real planes.

    Back on topic…

    You will not find an HK in my collection, ever, unless they start treating civilians far better than they do now. Good luck helping this gent get his pistol in better shape, or at least help him sell it to an HK fanboy who will be an awesome “operator” with it.

  14. Should have been less cryptic. Have your employee who’s the armorer over at group him call the bastards like he’s representing group. Hi I’m specialist Snuffy and I’m an armorer from X co. X Bn. 19SFG and I need a digumfortemstat, can you help me out? He’s not lying and they usually bend over for SOCOM. Doubt their customer service would be on it enough to go Group? with a .40?

  15. Over at HK Pro forum there’s a couple of stickies that talk about changing out triggers and have some contacts for parts.

  16. Larry, I used to be a Class-III dealer in Tennessee. HK’s own lackey told me in person that if I wasn’t the government of say, Brazil, they didn’t care if I was happy or not. HK Authorized Dealer doesn’t mean jack.

    This same lackey used to have his secretary call me and say, “Please hold for Mr. ________.” She was mystified that we “kept getting cut off” and was shocked when I informed her that I was hanging up. This smug jerk is trying sell me stuff, and I’m supposed to hold for HIM?

    HK’s best product is their advertising.

    Needless to say, I haven’t owned an HK product in years.

  17. 1-800-LEEDWAY

    I’m a lefty. I converted a variant 1 USP into a ambi (whatever variant it’s called). Calling them resulted in talking to someone who listened to what I wanted, took some time to figure the exact parts needed and sent them to me right away.

    This was two years ago, no idea if they still have parts or competence on staff.

  18. Once a USP is double action only, it takes more than a changing of the detent plate to add the correct control lever or have a hammer that stays in the single action cocked position. The parts are not easy to get but it is possible and costs well over $100. I work on these all the time out of my shop in Heath, OH. Contact me directly at
    Take care and shoot straight,

  19. Bill is correct. It takes more than changing the plate and control lever. it’s a decent start however. I’ve had some decent luck with parts (even some not on their site) with If they dont have the part you’re looking for listed on their site then give em a call and more times than not they will. I’m no HK fanboy, as some call, but i do own a HK USP compact 40 and wouldnt take anything for it, BUT I too have had PLENTY of problems with HK’s customer service. It took me 3 times calling and talking to what sounded like the same person each time. the first 2 times I called I was told I’d have the part in 7-10 days, but two and a half weeks go by and still no part. Finally the last time I called i was told the part was “out of stock” and would be 30 to 60 days before it would be shipped. Three days later the part showed up in the mail. LOL. So basically if you ever decide to buy an HK just hope you never break anything or need it serviced. LOL.

    1. First of all, I would like to thank Alan for the only worthwhile suggestion on the topic “Anybody knows where I could get Hk USP parts? No, seriously…” and to those brilliant individuals who believes that those who will look upon this site to know what you guys think of a Cessna and how your meager childhood would have been playing with simulators and yourselves, oh well.. you get the idea. This is the problem with people now a days, so much talk, so little problem solving. I will get my Hk USP in the condition I want! Whatever way possible, I’m not going to purchase another unit nor will remedy the situation by cheap and under quality materials for prosthetic sake, by hook or by crook I WILL GET THAT FRAME. That said, I will also make it my personal agenda to deter other individuals here in the Philippines and my friends abroad to acquire Hk firearms. It has been more than a year since I begun this journey and all the LEGAL avenues I took always finds me in a dead end. Well no more of this… Hk pistols are accurate, to say the least, but it won’t last. There is a compromise…. they easily break! I paid premium money for my Hk and researched the item, only to find no solution under a “LIFE TIME WARRANTY” advertisement which does not mean “JACK-S_ _ T.” I have to admit, if I had spent the same amount of cash on a local firearm say Armscor, I would have acquired a more accurate more reliable and definitely more serviceable firearm. Oh, and those of you who thinks Philipppine firearms won’t cut it, here’s some to name a few, proubly made in the Philippines. Armscor, charles daly, firestorm, shooters, STI spartan (frame and slide),etc. Only a few individuals may perhaps have the cash to buy and Hk, I can safely say I have influence around 15 or so in my group to own one, after they saw my unit, they keep asking what Hk did to assist me, I should start saying “DON’T BUY Hk ANYMORE THEY BREAK. MADE IN HONG KONG! I TELL YOU!”

      “if first you did not succeed, RELOAD”

  20. Yeah, I really love the engine block of a slide on my USP 40. Damn thing weighs more than a 100 rd. box of ammo. Need 2 belts and a pair of suspenders and a midget to help carry it holstered. Can’t wait to get something else.

  21. Dude, I work for a gun shop, and I just got one of those fanboy customer (and by no mean is this guy a boy; talking about mid 40-50). First came in to ask if we have any Colt in stock as Colt is supposed to be the best, show me a Colt catalog that has all the famous old and dead people and claim if they use Colt and it must be the best thing on God’s green earth… I told him unfortunately none of the gun he’s looking for is legal in California.

    Next time he came in he’s looking for…. Yup, HK. His friend told him HK is the best, so it must be the best. I already know it’s best not to argue this point; show him a USP45, USP45 Elite, and a 40S&W P2000. He bought the P2000 and walk out a very happy man, or should I said a mid 40 to 50 over-weight OPERATOR. During the process of filling out a thousand paperwork to buy a handgun in California, he kept asking me is HK the best. I can only respond “everyone have their own personal preference”. Heck, if he take time to check and see the sidearm I am carrying is a SIG, that should’ve gave him some clue already…

    1. I have been to the site you referred, simply put, I need an Hk USP .45 fullsize desert brown (or standard black) frame. The site has every part of the Hk USP .45 including the springs, but no frame. One more thing, I need that to be shipped to me. If you could help me sir Steve, it will be more than apperciated.

      Thank you.

      1. Hey, I know this thread is old, but here’s my 2 cents:

        I don’t know how firearms laws are in the Philippines, but the reason most stores won’t have the frame in the US is because that part (on most pistols) is the serialized part. So even if you bought just the frame, you’d have to do all the paperwork and pay all the fees and taxes associated with buying a whole gun, minus the value of the slide. I dunno how it goes down there, but last time I bought a handgun from another state, I was charged $45 for shipping (cause UPS insisted they can only send a pistol via overnight), and the closest FFL likes to charge $45 for a transfer.

        I know that’s not really encouraging, but that’s why stores like will have everything BUT the frame. Cause the rest of those parts you can ship directly to your house, and aren’t registered.

        If your local laws are more flexible, and you can get the frame shipped directly to your house, maybe you could find someone in the US (or other HK-serviced areas) who is willing to trade your part for theirs in the hopes that HK will honor the warranty for them? It’s a longshot, but there might be dealers that have good relations with HK. I’ve gotten expensive gunlights and optics replaced this way by licensed distributors (NCStar) who can get the warranty work done faster than me.

        For that matter, I do hear tell of a Hydra-Matic M16 or two down in your area. I will trade my USP Tactical for one of them if you can find one! It’s black though, not tan.

  22. Oh and sir shane, if you have specific pictures of the unit you are looking for, so I can have my people locate the specifi unit you want or any of its brothers 😛

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