MHI is available on Barnes & Noble's page now has Monster Hunter International available.  So far most of my online sales have been on Amazon.  So feel free to order over there too.  It’s bound to be in stock at one or the other on any given day.  Plus, if you feel like it, post reviews. 

I’m working on getting MHI into B&N stores right now.  Apparently the webpage warehouse and the store’s warehouse don’t share books. 

Strangely enough, when you search for Monster Hunter International on, you get this off to the side:

Related Categories

I’m not really sure how they came up with what was related, but the gay and lesbian thing might be a bit of a stretch.  People and cultures definately, because killing monsters is its own culture. Gender studies?  wtf?  Animals?  Yes, but the kind that eat Children. Not the kind that are children’s friends. Go figure.

More fun from Barnes & Noble
Since we were taking pictures

3 thoughts on “MHI is available on Barnes & Noble's page”

  1. That’s pretty cool Larry. Next thing, you need to get someone to do a reading of it so you can put it up at Audible. I listen better than I read. Plus I have no time except when I’m driving to work.

  2. I think the alternative gender types tend to obsess over a different sort of monster. The related category connection is probably based on word frequency analysis.

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