10 thoughts on “MHI Patches are here”

  1. you might try Zazzle.com

    No connection to me but the one Item I bought from them looked better than anything I have through CafePress.

  2. My church does stuff through cafepress.
    The quality differs from what quality of things you pick. Type of shirt, type of logo transfer, etc.

  3. Got a 3/75 hat from Cafe Press. I’m NOT impressed. I’m keeping it (under the BN scroll it says “Jihad works both ways”) but I’m NOT impressed. Very cheap screen printing. Probably won’t last long. Oh, and the crown of the hat is too high.

    Hopefully I’ll be ordering a patch and a book next week. Gotta discuss with the War Department about the budget.

  4. Our local hiking group put a logo on http://www.zazzle.com, and we were pretty satisfied with the quality of the shirts. I think I have only seen Tshirts and other shirts, no one has gotten hats. Definitely a convenient way to get a logo out there, and prices are not too bad.

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