Movie Review: The Rage

I watched The Rage this weekend.


Overall, B-Movie nerds must watch this.  It has a very big 80s splatter movie feel to it, with mutants, killer vultures, some bad special effects, some good special effects, disposable obnoxious characters, and that Russian guy from Lost as a mad scientist.


This movie goes for all out B-movie awesomeness by not shying away from clubbing children to death with a tree branch, or a mutant midget who screams KISS THE MONKEY. 


Erin Brown is actually a pretty decent actress, considering that she started out doing porn.  I’m not into that, but she’s always enjoyable in horror movies.  She actually really surprised me in Master Of Horror’s Sick Girl with a really good performance.  There isn’t really a lot of what I would consider good acting in The Rage, but movies like this are not about drama awards, they’re about hitting mutants in the head with pipes, and Erin does a fine job at that.


The mad scientist, played by Andrew Divoff, is excellent.  You may know him as that difficult to kill Russian from Lost, but now he’s the difficult to kill mutant Russian out in the woods.  He does a great job, and I would have to say, best mad scientist since Jeffery Combs. 


It won’t win any awards, but where else can you have an insane midget (with subtitles!) introduce GAR!  The king mutant, and they shout Sayonara F******s!  I loved it to the core of my B-Movie soul.  It made as little sense as Ice Queen, but it did it with STYLE! 

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  1. Hokay. Usually don’t comment to blogs, Realize you’re younger than I am but you’ve still had to have been a Joe Bob Brigg’s fan. so how do you appreciate Bflick silliness like Rage, yet take offense and snipe at 28 Weeks Later?! Don’t get it. Hell, I’m still a Soldier/Sniper(will be 46 when we get back from next deployment) and I didn’t take offense at the portrayal of the joe’s in the flick, not after how the Brit squaddies in the first one were portrayed. What torqued me was that our young hero dumped his M14 for a measly M4! It’s a zombie flick for chrissakes.
    Bet you’re a “hell comes to frog town” and “Near Dark” fan.
    Anyway, cool blog, and MHI was awesome, have given away a few copies now. Didn’t score any with patches though. Keep up the good work.

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