FBMG now has full line gunsmithing

We’ve recently hired two smiths.  We never had the space in the old store, but the new one has a great work area, which enables us to do just about everything, including refinishing.


Joe used to work for the DOE as an armorer, went to the Colorado School of Trades for his gunsmithing degree, and is our all around smith.  He’s talented, and offers a huge variety of services. 


We got Dave from Vector Arms, and he’ll be concentrating on Saiga conversions. 


We’ve been selling Tromix conversions for years, and Tony Rumore is still the high-Mack Daddy of Saiga conversions, but he’s now backed up for over a year, so we’ve been desperate to have our own in house conversions.  If you’re in the area, stop by next week and you can see the first samples.   

The movie that I'm the most excited about:
Lawdog Files turns 2

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