Lawdog Files turns 2

I’m a week late, but I just caught that the Lawdog Files has turned 2. 

Lawdog is probably one the funniest people that I’ve ever known. The man can spin a tale better than just about anyone, and probably the single hardest laugh I’ve ever had reading something online has been about his misadventures stuck in a thorn bush with an amourous and drunken armadillo. 

Going through my list of links, I realize that I know a lot of really funny, intelligent, and articulate folks on the web.  I could say positive things about each of them, and every time I have the time to check in on their blogs, I’m always entertained.  Most of them are pretty cool in real life too. 

FBMG now has full line gunsmithing
Monster Hunter International, now available at Sam Wellers

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