Movie Review: Soul's Midnight

Alternate title:  Armand Assante owed somebody money.


Every now and then, somehow, a real actor ends up in a B-Movie.  I’m looking at you, F. Murray Abraham in Blood Monkey.  But this time we’ve got Armand Assante slumming it as a vampire/hotel owner/cult leader in Soul’s Midnight  


It was semi-proficient, and some of the acting was decent, but I just couldn’t get excited at all.  It was relatively incoherent, and paced pretty slow.  I have a hard time rooting for a hero, who gets 90% of the way to cheating on his pregnant wife, with a vampire stripper, in a meat locker, and no, that scene isn’t even as interesting as I just made it sound. 


The vampires have to sacrifice a baby descended from St. George to bring back their leader, who I think was supposed to have been the dragon, but is a guy in a big rubber vampire suit, who punks out and dies from a single stab wound.  I’m sorry, if you’re the bad ass 2nd coming of evil incarnate, you really should be a bit tougher than that. 


Overall, eh… rent it if you’re really bored. 

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