Shot Show Day 1

Okay, turning in for the night.

I worked a lot of today, so didn’t see as much as I wanted to.

There was an ND about fifty feet from my booth.  Some cop had a loaded gun in his bag.  Ooops.  I didn’t see it go off, but I saw the guy who did it right after, shaking from the adrenalin.  Cops showed up a few minutes later.  It is funny how a room gets quiet when somebody touches one off.

There’s a company out of Utah that has a bullpup sniper rifle in .338 Lapua, qualitywise set up to compete with the Accuracy International and Sakos.  Trigger pull was AWESOME.  Overall size and weight for a 26″ barrel was excellent.  I have their name around here somewhere, but am too tired to find it.  Deseret Tactical, or something.

I checked out the Kriss.  I’m going to get a demo letter and get a full auto one to rent on the range so we can kick the crap out of it and see if it is good.  It feels weird, but I kind of like it, but I’ve got some weird thing for .45.

As for checking on the 416, I’m afraid that if I walk into the HK area, I’ll get my butt kicked by some big Teutons named Fritz, Hans, and Helmut or something.  “Hey, are you selling the 416?”  “NEIN!  It is the Correia from the internets.  Get him! Schnell!  Schnell!”

I saw the S&W night watchmen.  Pretty cool.  I was with Nightcrawler, and you know what a revolver geek he is.  He was all over it.

I found out that my favorite suppressor is going away.  I love the Tac-16, mostly because the bang for the buck is off the charts, but it is being discontinued. 

Vltor is making a Bren 10.  I like the guys at Vltor, so I figure they’ll do a good job.

I played with the model for the Magpul little tiny personal defense thingy.  It is truely compact.  I want one.  I’m a little leery of the Bushmaster buying of the Masada.  I’ve had some bad QC issues with Bushy in the past, but I’m willing to give them a shot.

Stay away from the buffet at the Sahara.  Trust me on this one.

More before I pass out tomorrow.

And the award for the stupidest thing at the 2008 SHOT show goes to… SIMUNITIONS!
Live from SHOT show

7 thoughts on “Shot Show Day 1”

  1. Hell, they probably refuse to speak your name around the HK tent. “Look Fritz, it is he who must not be named, unleash your lightning bolts of teutonic fury !” “He flees, Hans seize him!” I must admit I start to giggle when I visualize you running from the Waffen HK goon squad.

  2. Wait a minute, aren’t you a big, bald dude? You should at least equal a couple of the germans. You ought to get the FBMG friends and family together to go whup up on the HK people…

    That would be frickin’ awesome!

  3. These stories crack me up – I need to come to your store again to get my wife a conceal carry pistol. We came in to the store this summer and I LOVED how I was treated by the staff – you have a customer for life!


  4. Wiat, the buffet at the Sahara down in the little basement thingie? The Spice Market Bazaar, or whatever it’s called? I loved that buffet when I was in LV. It was one of the best things about the place. I guess the falling dollar is affecting everything.

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