Live from SHOT show

Okay, limited Wi-Fi time. The show hasn’t started yet, but I’m an exhibitor, so I get in early to set up.

So far, neatest new thing I’ve seen is a 12 gauge, semi-auto shotgun, with FOUR magazine tubes. The four mag tubes rotate, so when you use one up, you switch to the next. Then you can pull the four tubes off like a magazine, and shove a new one on. Will get more details later.

There will be a civillian SCAR. Most of my crew went to the FN shoot today. I had to work. Somebody around here has to be responsible. The new sniper rifle based on the BAR? PvtPyle gave it two thumbs up. He was impressed with it from initial shooting.

Holy crap the STI Texican is slick. And I like the Rogue. They’ve got something new that they’re going to unveil tomorrow, but top secret until show starts. So I’ll go see them in the morning.

Lots of other stuff, but haven’t gotten to look at it yet. I’ll keep posting through out the week. 

Shot Show Day 1
Gun store is coming along, out of books, SHOT show, and more

2 thoughts on “Live from SHOT show”

  1. Larry, man am I jealous! you get to be in the warmth of L.V. and out of the cold and snow here in the valley. Not to mention the eye candy everywhere you look. (and I know you look) and the awesome food!

    Above all, Have fun

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