Gun store is coming along, out of books, SHOT show, and more

It has been a super busy week.  The new store is coming along, and we’ll be open for business after we get back from SHOT.  We’ll be officially open on the 11th.  The new walls are up, the slat wall is up, the new carpet is in.  We’ll be moving the inventory in after we get back, and we’ll be good to go. 

You guys have to see this place.  The retail space is 3 times as big as my old store, and I’m so pumped to start working on the indoor range.

We have something really big coming for ammo too.  Details to come as we hammer it out, but we’ll have a supply of NATO spec 5.56 and .308 for cheaper than you’ve seen for the last couple of years. 

I’m currently out of copies of MHI, and have more coming.  I’ve got a couple of paypals over the last couple of days, one order that got lost, and a couple that came in by checks, but I’m out of books, and have more coming from the publisher.  So anything that has been ordered in the last week, or during the next week while in Vegas will go out when I get back.

We’ve got a huge crew going to SHOT.  I’ll be posting here every night about what stuff I think is cool.  I’ll be working at either the Prism (AIS) booth or the Lasermax booth off and on all show, so come by and say hi.

I don’t have the stomach to comment on politics right now.  Sadly enough, I’m watching it come down to McCain vs. Romney, and though I’m glad Guilliani has fallen off the face of the world, I look at McCain and Romney, and rather than enthusiasm, I feel nauseous. 

I’ve disliked Romney since the beginning.  Electable in Mass.  Enough said.

But compared to McCain-Feingold/McCain-Lieberman/McCain-Kenney (notice a pattern emerging here yet?) and between the two, I’ve got to say, Go Mitt.


Live from SHOT show
So sore... can barely... move... Curse you old manky carpet. CURSE YOU!

8 thoughts on “Gun store is coming along, out of books, SHOT show, and more”

  1. Do you ship ammo?

    I’m 20 but several online ammo sites require you to be 21 even for rifle ammunition.

    So without ammo, I have a $800 club.

  2. All I want to hear from shot show is that Magpul is taking and filling orders for the Masada and FBMG has a Masada on the way with my name on it!!

    Okay so that is not all I want to hear but that sure would be cool!!

    Does anyone know if the Masada is considered a weapon of particular lethality by Brother Mitt??

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