So sore… can barely… move… Curse you old manky carpet. CURSE YOU!

Like I’ve mentioned before, my gun store is moving to a new, bigger building, that will allow us to build an indoor range.  It was the Pioneer Moters building.  The carpet for our new 3,000 square foot showroom just arrived, so we needed to get the old stuff out, and get the floor prepped so we can put the new stuff in today. 

Yesterday we ripped the old carpet out.  Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, first there was tile glued to the concrete.  Then the glued the carpet onto the tile.  And they used a lot of glue, and I think it was either super glue, or the stuff that they use to up-armor humvees, then have people walk on it to pack it down for a decade. 

Hell if I know how they did it, but that was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to scrape up.  Finally we managed to get an edge started, and then we used an 8 foot long pry bar to pull up the old tile and carpet.  And no, that’s not a typo, it was a foot and a half longer than me, and weighed like 50 pounds.  Since I was the big guy, I could put the most mass on that bar, I ran it for what seemed like all day.

Now, you’ve got to understand, I used to be a manual-labor animal.  I grew up on a farm hoisting cows all day.  But 5 years living in a cubicle has made me soft.  That carpet kicked my ass. 

We would get up a bunch of it, with Blain and Dave holding up the carpet, and me slamming away at it until all the plaque in my heart would dislodge, and I would have to wait out the aneurism for a minute.  The Minions were getting their butts kicked too, because as we got up more of the carpet (connected to the tile, and 60 pounds of glue per square foot) all of a sudden they’re lifting a metric ton of carpet.  So basically, it sucked for everybody.

This morning, I can’t move.  My back hurts.  My arms hurt.  I tried to lift my breakfast, and I was like, damn, that’s some heavy frosted mini-wheats.  My sissy accountant hands, though a thing of beauty on the 10-key, are not exactly the best thing in the world for swining a big old pry bar, and today, they hurt.  I’m actually typing this with a pencil, one key at a time, held in my teeth.  (just kidding, it’s not quite that bad). 

But it will be worth it.  The new carpet goes in today, and then we start putting up the slat wall.  We’ll be in the old store off and on for the next couple of days, then we’ll be closed for SHOT, and open in the new place on February 11th. 

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3 thoughts on “So sore… can barely… move… Curse you old manky carpet. CURSE YOU!”

  1. A lot of the old tile contained asbestos and/or was glued down with mastic that contained asbestos. I sure hope it was tested before you guys ripped it up.

  2. It doesnt compare to 8 hours of carpet pulling; but I “self delivered” a new 700lb gun safe the other day.

    Now I’m an ex power lifter, ex football player, and a used to be damn fit ex Air Force officer.

    Emphasis on the “Ex” for all of those things.

    The good news is that I’ve still got the strength to horse a 700lb gun safe around.

    The bad news is the next day.


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