Here is a MHI spoiler review thread over on THR

Warning, don’t read it if you haven’t read MHI already. 

Book is doing good.  The store move is coming along, and SHOT is in a week.  I was going to post more, but darn it, there is a Monster Quest I haven’t seen on the history channel.  That’s quality research time right there!

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4 thoughts on “Here is a MHI spoiler review thread over on THR”

  1. You’ll have to let us know how sales are doing on Amazon. (Not necessary even a number… just a general gist would be fine).

    I know I’m not alone in hoping that your book does well.

  2. Took me about a week and a half, which is the fastest I’ve gotten through a book of any sort in well over a year. Partly because it was a bit lighter and shorter fare than most of what I’d been reading (certainly not everything), but mostly because it was more fun than anything I’ve read in quite a while. Wouldn’t call it Literature, but the last literary novel I read both bored and depressed me, so whatever.

    I do have a minor complaint: with a very few exceptions, everyone spoke using perfect (or at least good) grammar, and it seemed like nobody used contractions. Maybe it’s different in Utah, but, being from Kentucky, it tended to make the dialogue seem a bit stiff.

    When’s the next book?

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