All preorders have been shipped

As of 10:00 this morning,  all preordered copies of Monster Hunter International have been shipped! 

I was supposed to have them all out yesterday, but my truck broke down, and I had to tow it into the shop.  Next thing you know, I get stuck with a $1,400 bill.  Plus I had to get a prescription for antibiotics to clear up this bug that I’m on, and I discovered that my new self-employed insurance cost A LOT more when it comes to prescriptions.  By the time I limped my half-dead, and broke carcass into the shop, there was no way I was going to make it to the post office before close.  So yesterday pretty much sucked. 

I’ve still got about 80 copies of MHI here, and about a dozen patches if anybody wants them.  Other than that, the book is now available on 

Once you guys read it, feel free to post an honest review.  I can take it.  There are only two reviews up so far, but one is from Matt Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, (which is an excellent read) and Matt liked MHI.  If you haven’t checked out EFaD I recommend it. 

So far I’m like number 60,000 and something on the best seller list.  I figure I can probably do a little bit better than that. 

MHI Update
Some books have shipped, rest go out tomorrow

16 thoughts on “All preorders have been shipped”

  1. Larry,

    Does the book come with a patch? If not, I’d love to have one! Give me a mailing address and let me know the cost, please.


  2. Sorry, I hadn’t explored the site completely when I posted my previous comment. I’ll send you an order tomorrow morning.

  3. Larry, which would you prefer? Ordering straight from you, or ordering from Amazon? I’m itching to send you the ducats in any case.

  4. Mine came in this afteroon. Now I need to make time to start reading.

    By the way, is the patch an iron-on or stitch on? Looks like glue on the back.

  5. I’m SO looking forward to receiving my copy.

    I notice that Amazon has the book listed as sold-out… Is that correct?

  6. Got mine yesterday. Kept me up past 1AM reading it before I was able to pull myself away. Fantastic book so far. A very good story mixed with some nice guns and funny references. (I loved the Enchanted Forest.)

  7. Mine arrived yesterday. Haven’t started it yet because I’m waiting for some uninterrupted reading time. Patch is cool, I’m going to stick it on my shooting vest.

  8. My copy arrived yesterday – it’s next on the to-read pile after I finish the Terry Pratchett now in progress. Looking forward to it…..

  9. I have read about half the book and I am really enjoying it. Also , since I am located just north of Tupelo,MS, it is nice to know we have “mystic creatures” just up the road at Corinth.

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