Proof Copies are in my hands

I’m holding the final proof copy of Monster Hunter International in my hands right now.  Which makes typing hard.  But I can’t let go of it.  You know that scene where they open the Ark at the end of Indiana Jones, and the light comes out of it, and angels sing?  That’s kind of how opening this package from the publisher was, only without the exploding heads or melting eyeballs.  (yet).

I’m going through it now.  Red pen and Post-Its at the ready.  This is my last chance to fix things, mostly formatting issues that creep in anytime you put a digital file on paper.  Then Curly (the guy has proof read scholarly works on the Old Testement, my little book is nothing to him) will do a final read through, then we’re back to the publishing. 

We’re almost there.

It is so weird to actually hold a book, that you actually wrote, in your hands. 

Proofing is done!
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5 thoughts on “Proof Copies are in my hands”

  1. I can’t wait to get my copy.
    I hope it arrives before I leave for the holidays, but it will be a nice thing to look forward to when I get home as well.

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