Correia personal update

My thumbs hurt. 


Over the last few days we’ve built several hundred Saiga .308 magazines.  Between having the mag parts arrive, building them, and bagging them, combined with the Christmas sale, we’ve been swamped.  The backordered mags will be shipped out before Thanksgiving. 


On the writing front, I’m still waiting for the proof copy of Monster Hunter International to arrive.  I’m planning on going over it, and having my local proofing master go over it, and getting it sent back in less than 48 hours.  But the longer I wait for the proof, the less likely I’ll make Christmas.  That’s why I wanted to do credit cards and checks for the pre-order, that way I wouldn’t cash anything or charge anything until I was ready to go. 


Now that I’m down to just one job, I’m trying to get back into shape.  I’ve lost ten pounds so far, but managed to throw that out the window last night.  My family went Christmas shopping, but on the way home, got stuck in traffic FOREVER.  And wouldn’t you know it, sitting right there was a Golden Corral, taunting us while we were all hungry, and the kids were bored from sitting in the backseat.  Damn you, Golden Corral, and your fried shrimp and all you can eat steak. Damn you to hell. 


Well, anyway, family dinner was pretty good last night.  My three year old proved that you can, in fact, digest chocolate cake by smearing it in your hair and absorbing it through osmosis. 


Was the food particularly good?  No.  Was there lots of it?  Yes.  But that is the beauty of the buffet, a distinctly American endeavor.  I used to be a buffet freak.  When I was younger, and working out, I was eating 6,500 calories a day to maintain my weight.  Buffets were the only way I could eat out and be happy.  And the running joke was I never got full, I just ran out of time.  Boy, spending five years trapped in a cubicle ended that really quick. 


And speaking of Christmas shopping, I’ve been told that there is a pink Transformer.  I’ve got a daughter that is basically a tomboy, and loves to do all of the fun stuff, but still wants everything pink.  And yes, she already has a pink .22.  Anybody know the best place to order one?

Saiga Mags have been mailed
Save the Earth. Milk a rat.

6 thoughts on “Correia personal update”

  1. Holy crap, Golden Corral is still in business? I haven’t eaten at that place since the one in Elko shutdown and was replaced by a Chinese buffet (which was good for a while, but I stopped eating there after I got some lo mein that tasted like sewage).

  2. Oh, one more thing I’ve been meaning to mention to you for a while: For some reason your link to The Armed Schoolteacher in your blogroll links to Expert Witness instead. Thought you’d like to know.

  3. Pink Transformer? O.K., small admission of guilt here – I sometimes check out the action figures at various stores. With the new “mini-size” Transformers, there are two “girl” Autobots – Arcee and one other, and both are transformer motorcycles. I have Arcee. Fairly neat little lady, but neither are pink that I know of.

    I used to love Small Blue Planet, but that’s become I also really dig Amok Time too – more pure toy and statue ordering, none of the witty commentary and comics coverage that SBP had.

  4. The Deluxe Movie Arcee is probably what you’re looking for. It’s definitely pink, ~ $10.00, and has them.

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