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So Heather Mills McCarthy, or whatever the hell her name is now, is going to save the world from farting cows, because it is better for Mother Earth if we drank rat’s milk instead.

No, I’m not making that up.  Click the friggin’ link.  That is too stupid to make up.  I would be ashamed if I came up with that for a piece of fiction.  It is too trite, too impossible, too dumb.  My editor would tell me that nobody would buy that, and my readers would get mad for stereotyping idiot celebrities and environmentalists.

Fat Tony did this on the Simpsons.  Little did I realize that Fat Tony was such a sound environmentalist.  Al Gore would be pleased.

If they’re so damned worried about farting destroying the world, they should go away.  I’ve never met a vegan that wasn’t gassy. (and self righteous, but that goes without saying)

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11 thoughts on “Save the Earth. Milk a rat.”

  1. A friend of mine decided that one of his senior projects for his major may be to research exactly how much damage hippies cause to the environment via smoking weed and methane from poor dietary habits.

    I have no problem with environmentalism at its core; it’s just when people start thinking animals are more important than people that I get annoyed.

  2. Wait.
    Wasn’t it Mr. Burns and a lactating mole?

    If I’m totally missing the point, please leave me in blissful ignorance.

    Thank you.

  3. “The startling truth is that animals farmed for meat and dairy are now one of the greatest threats to the planet,” Mills said.”

    I’m eating them as fast as I can! A little help here?

  4. I don’t think I get it–the real-life story, I mean. The only reason anybody would ever have listened to this busy ditch in the first place was that she was married to a Beatle, right?

    But she’s not married to him anymore, is she?

    So why do even the celebrity-watchers still give her the time of day? She doesn’t even have her Proximity Celebrity anymore.

  5. Sheesh, she takes her clothes off to promote causes. It’s seemingly the only play in the environmentalists’ attention-getting handbook. Sad thing is that it works. You’d think people would be more accustomed to a natural state.

  6. Yeah, I love it the silly cow arrived to the event in a gas guzzling Mercedes SUV. Typical hypocrite! Wake up people! These turds’ agenda has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with grabbing power and achieving a global socialist utopia….the enviromental movement is just an oblique method of attacking capitalism ( the U.S.A. and it’s interests) and “adjusting the power base &distributing the money” to all the “have-nots/ ne’er do wells” around the world…..the frigging communists are at it again!

  7. Every day, I fire several ozone destroying volleys into the atmosphere with my stomach gas.

    The ex-Mrs. McCartney has to make a choice… take me out, or clamp her own mouth shut.

  8. Point of fact, there’s half as many cows on earth as there were in 1950, and something like 2/3 the amount of land in cultivation. The ecofreaks arguments don’t hold water.

  9. I think Kevin put it that “Vegan is what people become just before going completely insane.” Just about covers it.

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