Friend of mine publishes his first article

John Shirley has an article in this month’s SWAT.

John is on my blogroll, and he’s one of the coolest people I know.  Army vet, martial arts affacionado, and all around good guy, the only thing I disagree with him on is a certain movie that I reviewed and really liked that he then checked out and hated, but hey, nobody is perfect, and the vampires did make a lot of needless screaching noises.  (so valid point, John).

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One thought on “Friend of mine publishes his first article”

  1. While I did like 30 Days Of Night, John makes a very valid point… the stupid cliche vamp-hissing was irritating. Especially when most of it came from the one individual skinny gay vampire.
    What is it with the hissing? Are they hissing like snakes or like cats or what?
    Really, it’s just a training video: What do you do when you get a bunch of Emo-Goths coming into town? Run them over with big trucks!

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