Pleasantly surprised, OR, Holy Crap, I'm actually selling books!

I’ve just got to post and say thanks.  I’ve been surprised by how many people have already pre-ordered copies of Monster Hunter International.   Seriously, thank you.

My whole goal with the pre-order is to get as many copies out there as possible, that way, by the time the book is available on Amazon, there will already be a bunch of folks that have read it, and hopefully liked it.   After getting kicked in the throat for two years by the publishing industry, I’ve decided to go it alone, and when you do that, your only hope is be a self-promoting son of a gun. 

I’ll admit, it is a really weird feeling though, to have random strangers giving you money for something out of your imagination.  It sure beats working for a living.

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3 thoughts on “Pleasantly surprised, OR, Holy Crap, I'm actually selling books!”

  1. Gee, I thought I’d hit the apex of my dreams being a full-time author of pulp books AND comic books. Good to see there’s always room to expand. Doug’s Temple of Boom. Firearms rentals, role playing game store and game room, b-movie video store, and action figure shop. Coming to Sugarhouse in 2020.

    Seriously, Larry – you’re living the dream. GREAT work! And the first chapter is gorgeous!

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