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  1. Oh damn these were good. Came in from SayUncle, and had to come see what you did. I knew it’d be good, but DAAAAAMMMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Utter coolness. Because we suck, and they hate us.

  2. The same people who piss on H&K for being overrated and overpriced, referring to us H&K owners as mall ninjas, are the same fools paying as much for a Sig P226 jus’ cuz “the Seals” use one, or paying even more for an ornate and obsolete 1911 paperweight which needs an $80 trigger job just to make it work half decent. Yippee Kai-yay to all you, “John Waynes”.

    1. Just out of curiosity I decided to do a little price point comparison. To make it as apples to apples as possible I decided to compare H&K’s plastic framed double action pistols to other major manufactures plastic framed double action pistols. And to keep the price points even, I went with standard sized guns in .40S&W, and got the prices from the “Cheaper that Dirt” website.
      And so, the average price for a .40S&W, plastic framed high cap pistol with a (mostly) Browning derived locking mechanism from major manufactures like Beretta, FN, Glock, S&W, Sig, and Walther is about $505. And a .40S&W, plastic framed high cap pistol with a Browning derived locking mechanism from H&K cost $745.

      And I realize this is the part where the H&K fans will launch into a diatribe about “superior Teutonic engineering”. However, Walther is also a German company, yet it’s P-99 sells for $ 552. Sigarms is Swiss/German, and it’s P250 is only $ 405. And then there is the Austrian Glock.

      The other standard H&K Fanboi rant involves military contracts and use by “Operators”. Truth is , .govt contracts have very little to do with how good a bit of gear is and more to do with how good a particular company is at backroom wheeling and dealing. A truly better metric is completive shooting.

      Why would competitive shooting be a better metric of manufacturer quality than military contracts? First, it’s a free market. People can find out what works, what doesn’t, and quickly and easily change to something that does work. If my competitive gun is an unreliable jam-o-matic, I can sell it off and buy something else. A soldier can’t.

      Second, because you are shooting against similar guns, any feature that would make one a better shot readily becomes apparent. As do any defects.

      There are other factors I could go into, but this is getting kind of long. But is H&K dominant in the Production class of competition? If so, then it would be worth the extra couple of hundred dollars. If not, well, then the overpriced meme is well deserved.

      1. Not sure what the point is here? That everyone should buy a gun like an appliance as if it were a toaster?

        Arguing over the value of anything is moot because it’s not up to you. The value of anything is up to the person buying it.

        People buy things – be it guns, cars, golf clubs, whatever – for more than its functionality. There is something called INTRINSIC value. If you don’t know what that is then GOOGLE it. People WILL buy things beyond its basic functionality. They will buy for image, or because they PERCEIVE it is a better product, or just because it looks better and many other reasons beyond. Those are the facts and arguing over banal things like Brand X will shoot 40,000 rounds before failure and Brand Y will shoot 35,000 rounds before failure and Brand X is cheaper so Brand Y sucks is a stupid argument by stupid people.

        Also I don’t care what gun wins IPSC, or USDPA competitions. Hell, an EAA Witness pistol has won IPSC so should we all buy EAA’s?

        Put it this way…Harley Davidson motorcycles are more expensive, and is less fuel efficient compared to a Honda. Why do people continue to buy them? Why doesn’t everyone just ride a Honda?

        If you people don’t like H&K, or can’t afford it, then they don’t have to buy it. Last time I checked it was a free country. I don’t like Glock and think Colt 1911’s are overpriced but I don’t go around talking smack about it are implying those owners are on crack.

  3. My basic point was that H&K’s were really not worth the extra $200+ over its competition. And that if the basic dead stock H&K was inherently better; it would be the dominant gun in various Production class practical shooting sports.

    The other thing we are making fun of is the typical butthurt H&K fanboi. This type typically is very adamant about the Teutonic superiority of the HundK Wundergun over every gun evar. Because it’s use by teh Operators, and they are sooooo l33t!

    Note, read through the “H&K: Because You Suck and We Hate You” or “Furry the Teutonic Panda” threads to see some great examples of this kind of drooling mall ninja fanboi idiocy.

    Personally, I would love to own a P7M8 and an H&K93. Sadly, H&K isn’t making high capacity semiautomatic rifles for the civilian market, and I’m not going to spend $3,000 for a rifle that is not all that difference in performance from an AR or ACR.

    But hey, if you want to, go for it. It’s a free country.

    1. Joe, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and your reason to NOT buy H&K is as valid for you as my reason TO buy H&K is to me. That’s the whole point. To each their own.

      But why doesn’t anyone pick on Sig Sauer USA? Most people buy their stuff because the Seals use it. It has snob appeal as well so it is also MALL NINJA gear.

      Sig Sauer also have stratospheric priced guns and a gazillion so-called “special editions”. Ever look at their P226 line? Their marketing machine is way more prevalent and obnoxious than H&K’s.

      Not to mention most of their guns are MSRP’s around the same price as H&K, and most of the one’s available stateside are assembled and partially made in the U.S. So then why do they cost so much?

      Answer: because people continue to buy them. Simple economics.

      The answer is that we should all buy Glocks. But what fun would that be?

      1. Sorry I meant MANY people buy [Sig Sauer] because the Navy Seals use it. Not MOST.

        My point is that many who are drawn to Sig Sauer are so because of the publicity it receives. Yes, it is a fine pistol but it also has an image attached to it that helps.

      2. It seems we kind of agree- most gun buyers tend to judge more by the kewl factor than by how good a gun really is.
        I mean, how many people bought PPK’s because of Bond, S&W 29’s because of Dirty Harry, Berettas because of the Matrix, or Taurus Judges because, hey… it fires .410 shells? Buying a gun because the Rangers or SAS carry it is a little more informed, but almost as bad.

        However, if one likes the Sig, again, more power to them. I can see the appeal in a da/sa metal framed pistol with a de-cocker. But they’re out of my price range. And the 250, while interesting, is a DAO… which I don’t really like.

        But the big reason that H&K gets the “love” and Sig doesn’t is that the gun world is full of rabid H&K Fanbois… which make it kind of hard for the truly informed H&K shooters.

      3. …your reason to NOT buy H&K is as valid for you as my reason TO buy H&K is to me….

        Not necessarily.

        But why doesn’t anyone pick on Sig Sauer USA?
        I do, but it’s not as fun, because their fanboys don’t get as indignantly butthurt with the same charming regularity.

        And as far as buying HKs? Well, I’ve owned a half-dozen or so, but I sure didn’t confuse them with magic wands, and I let some other fool take the big depreciation hit of buying them new, just like I did with my BMW roadster…

      4. Tam, on December 7, 2010 at 10:41 pm said:
        “…your reason to NOT buy H&K is as valid for you as my reason TO buy H&K is to me….”

        Not necessarily.


        Do you care to elaborate on “Not necessarily”? Because you are wrong. You are being egocentric if you cannot understand why some people might choose Brand Y over Brand X.

        Doesn’t matter if it is guns, cars, or a pair of shoes. People buy to satiate unique and personal wants, beliefs, values,…it’s rooted in consumer behavior which says, in a nutshell, that people buy for different reasons.

        I’m totally digressing because a lot of people don’t get it. They don’t understand why someone may like a certain gun, or a movie, or a brand of potato chips, and therefore they either start flaming it.

        Also, who said H&K’s were a magic wand? The HK fanboys? I don’t think so. I hear Glock fanboys ranting and raving about their Glocks and trying to validate themselves more than H&K.

        And what makes the guy who bought the H&K before you a fool? If it weren’t for him you wouldn’t have either your second hand H&K or your second hand BMW. Besides, he ain’t as poor as you so what does he care? To me you just sound like an obnoxious dick.

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