7 thoughts on “But wait, there's more. HK Demotivational Posters”

  1. Rounds loaded backward…..I’ll bet that since it’s an H&K, it’ll still fire them without failing……
    H&K, the Chuck Norris of firearms……
    On the seventh day, when god was resting, H&K said, “We’ll take it from here!” HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  2. FYI, the second poster is incorrect. Those aren’t HK USP’s. They are HK45 and HK45c protoypes.

  3. Its ok to all the haters, go to school, get a BETTER job, and then maybe you can afford an HK. Glocks are half the gun for half the price.

    1. Uh… (Correia looks up from his job of writing bestselling novels, out the window of his 5,000 square foot house, then shakes his head sadly and moves his $4,000 custom STI 10mm out of the window sill, because it was blocking his view of the ski resort next door) Yes… Poverty or something.

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