Not bad for less than a month

Out of curiosity, I checked to see where Monster Hunter Nation ranks amongst WordPress blogs.  Amongst English language blogs, I’m number #65.  Holy crap.  I figure that is mostly from HK fanboys looking in here to curse my name and pray for my death, but still kind of cool. 

WordPress is a pretty vast service, so not bad for a few weeks of me rambling about stuff.  Look out Lol Cats.  I’m coming for you…

Just kidding, those guys are bigger than the page with Hamster Dance.  They could squish me like a bug beneath their giant, yet adorable, paws. 

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5 thoughts on “Not bad for less than a month”

  1. The fanboys must still be praying to their ineffectual Teutonic gods. Geez. You’d think they would have learned after losing the two biggest wars like, evar.

  2. Well hell, son, you gots you a damn fine blog. Too simple. BTW, which folding stock is best for an STG 2000? I really like mine, just want to fold it shorter. Uhm, email me directly?

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