17 thoughts on “Noir Fatale is out now!”

  1. And for those who want to buy straight from Amazon:


    (Larry, do you get more of a cut with the customer buying from Baen or via the link above, which I’m guessing is the Amazon affiliate link? Serious question, though in my specific case somewhat academic as I don’t have an Amazon account.)

    1. Hey Larry!
      Been a fan for a few years now, back when Hard Magic first came out. This is off topic(please forgive me.) But I just wanted to say that should the day ever come that Monster Hunter gets to be a movie or tv series, no one and I mean NO ONE should even think about playing Earl Harbinger except for Stephen Lang. That is all. Thanks

  2. Just so you know, the special edition Grimnoir books that were supposed to have been put out by Vault Books seems to be dead in the water. No updates since September of last year, and while one person got an email update after badgering them (it wasn’t me, even though it should have been) there has been nothing since January.

    We all wanted these books. We paid out good (for us) money and right now have got nothing. Is there anything you can do? Sorry to bother you but no one seems to know where else we could turn to. We don’t want our money back, we want those books.

    Thanks for listening.

      1. Thanks! I was looking in the article and saw nothing. I don’t usually read every single comment so I completely missed that. I appreciate you pointing that out. Still leaves me very disturbed that it took the author himself to get an update…

    1. Well, except for the fact that I know for sure I’ve posted about it several times in my monthly update posts since then, so…

      Long story short they had a bunch of problems, but Hard Magic went to the printers last week.

  3. Very cool indeed. I’m curious, are there any plans to write about the 6 year gap with no monster hunter companies? What did Franks have to put up with when attacks went through the roof?

    1. Excellent point, and MH: Legion probably skipped this as another Unhappy Time.

      Franks probably thought he was in Hell’s antechamber. No monster hunters active, a target-richer environment, and … monster-friendly ROE, environmental impact statements, new BATF regulations, workplace violence, sensitivity, and EEO training, more bureaucratic procedures and after-action reports, etc. He was probably checking every comma and sub-clause of the original copy of the Contract to see about a loophole for non-compliance by party of the first part, so he could punch all members of said party into another dimension.

      Been away and very busy for a while, just catching up on posts.

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