Next Book Bomb is June 14th. Michaelbrent Collings’ Longest Con

I’ve been slacking on Book Bombs this year. Totally my fault because I’ve been really busy.

However, it is time to get back to promoting talented authors so they can get in front of more readers. The next Monster Hunter Nation BOOK BOMB will be on June 14th. (though because of the massive stats delay Amazon has implemented since I’ve started these things, I’ll actually be posting it the evening of the 13th).

The book I’ve picked is the Longest Con by Michaelbrent Collings. It is really fun. And I’m a major character in it. I thought it was just going to be a comedy, but it’s actually an urban fantasy detective novel, with a lot of comedy.

So mark your calendars, tell a friend, and let’s see how much of a boost we can give to an awesome author.

Update Post
FyreCon this week in Utah, I'm teaching a big class in worldbuilding
Randall Fitzgerald

Bought a copy off of him at Salt Lake FanX when I was there hawking my wares. It’s a real fun time. I recommend it!


I think this is the fist Book Bomb where I already own the book.


Amazon is giving me errors every time I try to visit the store page.

Wes S.

I’ve already got this one too, on Kindle. Great fun.


Will do!

Shawna Canon

That book sounds really entertaining. If it’s as funny as he was on the panels at LTUE, I think I’ll have to grab it.