Next BOOK BOMB, Wednesday the 18th, Nethereal by Brian Niemeier

Mark your calendars and please tell your friends, the next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb is next Wednesday, May 18th.

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For those of you unfamiliar with Book Bombs, what we do is pick a good book and a deserving author that could use a publicity boost, and then all purchase their novel on the same day on Amazon. Since Amazon updates its sales rankings with this rolling average algorithm, the more books bought on the same day, the higher it gets in the rankings. The higher it gets, the more new eyes see it, and the more new readers the author is exposed to. Success breeds success, and most importantly the author GETS PAID.

I’ll actually be posting the Book Bomb post the night of the 17th, because it appears that Amazon now has about a ten hour delay before the sales register. Gone are the wild west days where a book would begin climbing an hour after the Book Bomb started, and it isn’t nearly as awesome to hit the peak at 2 AM when most people are asleep and won’t see it.

Why did I pick Brian for this month’s Book Bomb? First, I really liked the book. Second, he’s just starting out, and he’s a super nice guy. Here is what Brian has to say:


Thanks Larry, and thanks to the Monster Hunter Nation. You guys have always made me feel welcome in the comments. I’m especially grateful for your hospitality today.
I first came to this blog as a reader, like all of you. I wanted the fun, exciting stories that seem to be in short supply these days.
Larry stands among a new generation of authors who write for a vastly underserved audience. These writers know that the reader is king. They put entertainment first. By their example–and with guidance from stellar authors like John C. Wright and Jeff Duntemann, and my awesome editors L. Jagi Lamplighter and Jason Rennie–I learned that I work for you, the readers.
How’s it working out? My first anniversary as a pro novelist is next month, and for my performance review, my bosses nominated me for a Campbell Award.
You did that. Words are the tools of my trade, but I can’t find any that fully express my gratitude.
So I’ll just say thanks and point you toward my first book, Nethereal. It’s been described as what you’d get if A. Merritt wrote a Dune novel after binge-watching 90s anime. Nevertheless, people dig it.
Already read Nethereal? I haven’t forgotten about you. The thrilling and even better-received sequel, Souldancer, is available now. And in honor of the occasion, it’s on sale.
Thanks again to my esteemed host the International Lord of Hate, and to the readers who support us authors. Buy my books so I can GET PAID and bring you more stories about space pirates in space hell.  
About Nethereal
A woman like no other who longs for acceptance.
A precision killer inspired by the dream of his captain.
The last member of a murdered race, fighting to avenge his people against the might of the Guild…and the dark powers behind it.
The Sublime Brotherhood of Steersmen holds the Middle Stratum in its iron grip. Jaren Peregrine, last of the Gen, raids across fringe space with Nakvin—her captain’s best pilot and only friend, apprentice steersman Deim, and mercenary Teg Cross.
Hunted by the ruthless Master Malachi, Jaren and his crew join a conspiracy to break the Guild’s monopoly with an experimental ship. But when its maiden voyage goes awry, the Exodus flies farther off course than its crew could have imagined.
Son of the Black Sword on the Gemmell Award list. Fans Can Vote
I've joined the advisory board of Misson: VALOR.

12 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB, Wednesday the 18th, Nethereal by Brian Niemeier”

    1. This will be fun. I’m one of those who have already read it, but I’m sure you are looking forward to the expansion of your community.

      1. Thanks for reading 🙂

        So early Nethereal adopters don’t feel left out, I’ll be running a sale on Souldancer. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in for a treat 😉

        1. Yeah, I’ve been putting that one off due to time constraints (still slowly chugging away on my first book), but this might be a good time to pick it up.

  1. Great world-building, intriguing characters and unexpected plot developments. Also: it’s about space pirates in Hell! All of the awesome, right there.

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