31 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Nemesis, up for Best Horror 2014”

  1. One more for Nemesis! Threw one in there for Jim Butcher in the fantasy category while I was there. (Wow, but the Scifi category was unimpressive. They really put Scalzi up in there? Ew.)

    1. I’ve just started listening to that Scalzi book. Am not impressed. The guy really needs to learn when not to use dialogue tags. And he could also do with explaining what’s going on more clearly. I’m into chapter 2 and I feel like I’m watching a movie with my eyes closed. “Wait, is the person a robot? A cyborg? What am I supposed to be picturing?”

    2. Sometimes you buy an old PB and there’s an original SF Book Club ad in it. That Goodreads SF section makes an SF Book Club ad from 1975 look like a super literate group of insane Hell’s Angels. All that was missing was a story of aliens from a backward planet where unobtanium is discovered and Dr. Smith, Ellie May, the robot and Bloop the Chimp move into a floating mansion on the rich and sophisticated planet of Beverly Taurus 3 complete with a cee-ment gravity pond they make moonshine in when the revoonoors ain’t lookin’.

  2. I didn’t vote Larry, sorry. I’m NOT going to allow Goodread to access most of my Facebook information because they don’t need it.

    1. Rod, I keep an extra gmail account on the side for just these types of occasions where I can make a goodreads account and keep the rest of my info out of it. That way I can still vote for Larry and someone other than Scalzi.

      1. Yeah, the privacy thing is part of the reason I don’t have Facebook. Goodreads actually doesn’t need a bunch of your info, which I like.

        FYI, you can do a write-in vote if you want, too.

  3. I voted for it, though I don’t really think of MHI as horror. Seems to me it should have been in the same category as Butcher. Though, of course, if it were I’d have had to choose between the two.

    1. I voted for it, though I don’t really think of MHI as horror.

      Think of it from the point of view of the things MHI hunts. (Or anyone facing Agent Franks….) 😉

  4. Larry, I am glad you let me know about this. I had already looked for you in the fantasy section and had to write you in instead of voting for Jim Butcher’s Skin Games. Now I have voted for you in the correct category, changed to JB for fantasy and wrote in ” The Chaplain’s War” for Sci Fi. Brad won’t win but someone might notice the book from being nominated.

    1. Argh, I forgot about Chaplain’s War! I had already gone back and written in Awake in the Night Land by John C Wright. Decisions, decisions…..

      Seriously, if you haven’t read Awake in the Night Land, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It’s amazing. Chaplain’s War is in my heavily-backed up reading queue, looking forward to it.

  5. I second “The Chaplain’s War.” Let’s start a write in campaign for it for Best SF Novel and Best Debut Novel. Seriously. I wrote it in for both.

    1. Oh man, Awake in the Night Lands was awesome. I’ll gladly write that in. Excellent read.

      Seriously, if you guys haven’t read that. Do so.

      1. Thank you, friend. Coming from a writer who knows his craft, that is a compliment I take seriously. (I would offer to come over to my house for a beer, but I think we are both teetotalers?)

  6. write in AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND and vote for me

    al done. Nice – I liked your book a lot – just a shame it wasn’t already in the list at Goodreads.

  7. I haven’t read a single one of the SF books on the GoodReads list, and the only one that looked interesting was To Honor You Call Us. So I did a write-in for Awake in the Night Land.

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