It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN (to register to nominate for the Hugos!)

Remember when I promised not to bug you any more this morning, Sully?


I lied.

Play THIS!

Boop de boo boo

booop de boop de boo!

7 Responses

  1. I joined. I highly recommend the sense of satisfaction you’ll receive, knowing you were a part of this.

    Also, after Larry gets the Hugo, he’ll owe me one.

  2. Larry, joined *weeks* ago. Seriously. I’ll even vote if they ever send me my blasted pin number. :c)

    • They already went through a round of giving out the pins, and they will probably go through and do it again in a few days for the final people that signed up last minute. If you don’t have yours in a week, send a nice email to and ask for it.

  3. Musta been scheduled before I made the same reference earlier…

  4. > I lied.

    LOL. Awesome. Another child of the 80s!

    Fingers crossed re the Hugo.

    UPDATE: just clicked the youtube link. I DOUBLE my comment about “child of the 80s” !

  5. just remember; that’s :Larry’s ‘weak’ arm…:-)


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