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One Week Left on the Illustrated Christmas (Noun)!

Hey all, Jack Wylder here again. The ILoH is still recovering from an awesome weekend manning the WordFire Press booth at New York Comic Con (full after action report once he has a moment to catch his breath) so I’ll give you a quick update.

I just got the first run of the prints today and I am SO happy with these! Once again, the pictures fail to do them justice. I called them mini-posters which was probably a mistake- think of them as high quality prints, suitable for framing. I snapped a quick picture to share (PUFF exemption tag included for scale purposes only.)

Christmas Noun Posters

Once these come out there are going to be a bunch of people angry they missed out- don’t be one of them! First editions only come out once.

Someone asked if Larry will be able to sign these- the answer is yes, but only at events he’s attending. These are shipping out of the CorreiaTech outpost code name Burning Lizard and not Yard Moose Mountain.
Act now- operators are standing by!