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The one term king of hell

I’ve decided that Barack Obama is probably going to be a one term president. Oh, that’s not just wishful thinking on my part, by watching him lately; I think he knows it too.

He’s pushed way too far, way too fast. He’s done more to advance FDR’s progressive agenda in 6 months than FDR managed in his first term. Obama knows he has no time to lose. This will be his greatest, and only opportunity to reshape the US into his utopian vision.

I think he also realizes that he doesn’t even really have 4 years. By pushing this hard, there will be an inevitable backlash, and the stupid party will pick up seats from the evil party in the 2010 elections. How many seats remains to be seen, but it might be enough to thwart the total revamping of America into Big Dumb Canada.

If you look at the actions of our government over the last six months, all they have done is passed or pushed legislation designed to accomplish the opposite of what they’ve said they wanted to accomplish.

We need to save the economy, so we’re going to yank a bunch of money out of it, tax it, and stick it into places that won’t stimulate jack squat except for Democrat political allies, and ruin the value of the dollar forever in the process.

We need to save the environment, so we’re going to tax America into oblivion, knowing full well that it will only drive the last of our manufacturing jobs overseas to countries who don’t care about the environment. 

Healthcare is inefficient and costs too much, so we’re going to raise the costs by a trillion dollars, make it as efficient as everything else in the government, and in the process, we’ll also make it so that you’re more likely to die, live sicker, have less freedom, and end medical research forever. 

The banks (goaded on by government regulation), were out of control, so we’re going to put more government regulation on them, hell, never mind, we’ll just take them over outright, and then force them to follow more of the same government policies that caused the problem in the first place.

The auto industry is in crisis, (while the non-union companies are doing okay) so we’re going to take that over too, throw more money at it, and then let the union run it.

So in six months, the government has grabbed the US economy by the spine, taken over the auto industry, the insurance industry, the finance industry, and is poised to pass the largest tax increase in history, and take over the medical industry.  FDR was a piker in comparison.   

So, what do every single one of these things have in common (besides not solving the problem they were floated to solve?). Every single one increases the stranglehold the federal government has on our lives.

Everything they’ve done has made America weaker, and the weaker and poorer we become, the more they hope we will come to depend on the government. The progressives would rather have total control over a pathetic shell of a nation than just be a small part of a great one.  It is like that old adage, would you rather be a slave in heaven, or a king in hell?

Unfortunately, I think we took the king of hell and elected him president.