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B-Movie Review: Evil Aliens

Evil Aliens


I saw this last night at Blockbuster and picked it up.  I had heard some hype about it, how this new British movie was the best splatter comedy since Peter Jackson’s early stuff.  Now that’s a pretty bold thing to say, because Peter Jackson is the friggin’ man.  For those of you that only watch “normal” movies, you know Peter Jackson as the mastermind behind the Lord of the Rings, but when he first started out, he made some of the finest B-movies the world has ever seen. 

Just ask any B-movie geek about the lawnmower scene from Dead Alive and watch them start to snicker uncontrollably.  We just can’t help ourselves. 

Evil Aliens was billed as a black comedy, and since I only understand about 30% of British comedy, I wasn’t expecting much.  In the first few minutes you have an alien abduction and a rectal probe with a 10 inch drill bit, from that point on you know that this movie is going to at least be interesting. 

The movie slows down for a bit to introduce the characters, a bunch of stereotypical victims from bad movies, who then head out to a Welsh island to investigate this alien abduction.  Then the aliens arrive, and the movie kicks into high gear.  Something is either getting chopped to bits, shot at, blown up, stabbed, burned, chainsawed, mutilated, impregnated, smashed, run over, or put through a piece of farm equipment, every couple of minutes for the remainder of the movie.  It is non-stop fun as blood and limbs kept getting thrown into the air or onto the screen.

To decide if this movie is for you, ask yourself a simple question, have you ever wanted to see somebody chase down a couple dozen aliens with a combine and tear them into pulp, while listening to a tape of  “Motivational Welsh Farming Music”?  If your answer is yes, then throw this one in your Blockbuster queue. 

A note on the characters, they start out as typical caricatures, but by the end they’ve really grown on you, and that says a lot since most of them are scumbags or morons.  Considering what this movie is about, and how the lead actress dresses, there was actually no human nudity (well, except for the anal probe obviously), but there was alien nudity as every Star Trek dork’s dream comes true.  (boobie spikes, hoo ray!  B-movie goodness!)

 I laughed my ass off.  The movie was awesome.  It lives up to the hype, and is in fact just as fun as Dead Alive or Bad Taste.