Correia On Current Events

Normally little observational posts end up on Facebook, but I’m still in FB jail for a few more weeks, so here goes. Current events, rapid fire edition:

Corona Virus: I’m super glad to see that the same people who become experts on literally every other topic as soon as it hits the headlines are also epidemiologists now too.

I just watched an actual PhD scientist medical doctor get into an argument about how diseases spread with a lady who sells herbal soap for a living, and she told the doctor to “get educated”.

Yes, it’s a serious disease and all around pain in the ass, yes, it is dangerous and people will die, but it isn’t the end of the world. In other words, calm down, Karen. Your perpetual freak out does absolutely nothing.

Though I haven noticed that most of the really bad freak outs tend to be politically motivated, which is just pathetic. The media really really wants people to be scared, and they’re praying for the economy to crash. They’re sick bastards.

I just got back from TupeloCon. I went through three airports. On Friday out, planes were full, didn’t see a single mask. On Monday home, lots of extra elbow room on the flights, and lots of people wearing masks.  I probably could have a made a fortune selling bootleg hand sanitizer by the squirt.

Also, really observing people at the airport with this topic in mind, man, many of you are disgusting. Quit rubbing your eyes after touching the gross ass hand rails on the train.  And to think, this is how people act when they know there’s a global pandemic. We get a real bad ass disease, and y’all are gonna die.

I did see one dumb ass cough like crazy on a plane without covering his mouth, and then he got half a dozen withering death glares from people who looked like they wanted to climb over the seat and beat his ass, which he noticed,  then behaved after that.

Toilet Paper Hoarding: okay, this one makes me laugh. However, as a low level prepper I’m not going to make fun of these people for suddenly realizing just how unprepared they are in case they need to actually hunker down for a while. Anything that gets people thinking about that is a good thing.

You toilet paper guys might want to actually get some, you know, real provisions and stuff while you are at it. Hell, if you had to quarantine for a couple weeks, a few cases of ramen noodle will be more valuable than that toilet paper. (worst case scenario, you should all go stock up on Larry Correia novels. I recommend the mass market paperbacks for softness. And no, I’m not offended, I get royalties either way! It’s a win/win)

If you don’t understand the fundamental principles of food storage, find your local Mormon and ask them. If they aren’t hard core about food storage, I guarantee they know someone in their ward who is.  We are amateurs compared to some of the people we know, but if we had to quarantine for a month, the Lovely Mrs. Correia wouldn’t even be worried. The only hard part would be that I’d probably run out of Coke Zero within two weeks and be really grumpy.

Political Vultures:   These are the people who really extra suck, because they refuse to let a good crisis go to waste. I can still read FB (I just can’t comment) so I keep seeing the same pieces of shit, sharing every single fear mongering article that takes this crisis and tries to score cheap political points about how it’s all some politician who they don’t like’s fault. Because you know, if their guy was in the White House, then suddenly diseases will no longer spread or something.

On that note-

Biden vs. Sanders: 

Hahahaha haahaha ahahahaha aaaa ah


That is about the most pathetic match up of losers to ever occur in any political contest in the history of ever.

Sanders is a Marxist doofus. His plans are gibberish. His philosophy is bullshit, designed to appeal to wishful thinkers who can’t do math, and greedy ass mooches. But don’t worry, he’s a total squish without an ounce of fight in him, so the DNC’s just gonna roll him over to make from for their chosen one…

Joe Biden!  Who is either suffering from dementia, or is just really really dumb. (insert porque no los dos? meme girl here)

They can’t let Joe speak for more than five minutes because they know he’ll go off script and start babbling incoherently. And I’m not talking Trumpian style stream of consciousness yammering, but weird ass, dog faced pony soldiers, corn pop, hairy legs, girl sniffing, finger biting, he’ll slap you, fight me IRL, you wanna step outside?

I’ve known people who worked with Joe Biden years ago, and they all said the same thing. With him, what you see is what you get. There is no act. That’s how Joe Biden is. And he was a weird scoundrel back then, but I’m pretty sure his mind is going now.

On the plus side, Jill Biden moves faster than the Secret Service, and that lady will throw hands. Respect.

All the DNC needed to do was find somebody decent and dignified to run against Trump, but oh no, they went batshit crazy instead, and their anointed one is a doddering, senile, fool, who is so corrupt his son, Crackhead McStripperbang makes millions of dollars for imaginary jobs not at all related to his dad’s position, and they don’t even try and hide it. But don’t worry, Biden’s gonna come from behind, because nothing wins swing states like threatening to slap construction workers who are suspicious that Beto O’Dork actually does want to take their AR-14s.

As somebody who would rather reach into his own chest and pluck out his heart than vote democrat, I will admit that I find it terribly amusing all the liberals I know who are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth about Old Rich White Guys There Are No Women Or People Of Color Running… While Tulsi Gabbard is over there, like WTF?

Sorry, progs. She said hurtful things about Hillary, so the media and Google basically Thanos snapped her into dust.  Meanwhile, the right are eagerly betting on whether Nikki Haley is going to run in 2024 or not… So who are the real misogynist bigots?

The Economy: Luckily all of those people who suddenly became epidemiologists last week have become economists this week, so now we know that the end times are upon us and everyone should panic.

Markets go up. Markets go down. Duh. If this freaks you out that badly, then playing the stock market probably isn’t for you.  On the bright side, I’ve been complaining about companies having all their manufacturing eggs in one Chinese basket since my first Fortune 100 job back in the early 2000s, and we were slowly farming out all our vital production stuff there.

It’s stupid to have everything depending on one source. Assuming they don’t all die of Corona Virus, this shake up should be an amazing opportunity for places like India and Mexico.

Russia vs. Saudi Arabia… All I’m gonna say there is that it sure does make me glad we invented Fracking.

Now, as for the proposal to get rid of Payroll Tax… Oh hell yeah! That sounds fantastic. That’s basically giving everybody an 8% raise, 16% if they get rid of employer match too. Only I don’t think they should get rid of it for the rest of the year, I think they should get rid of it FOREVER.

But Correia, people who think the government should run literally everything in the universe will whine, won’t that mean the government gets less money? Allow me to clarify, I DON’T CARE. We should cut everything. And I mean everything. We could fire 1/3 of the government tomorrow and all it would do is open up more parking.

Since the economy basically runs of feelings, the press is really hoping they can spin this into a depression that they can pin on Trump in the mind’s of the voters. (wait, didn’t the same press try to tell me that Trump was Putin’s plant, which is why Russia is bombing the oil market to … whatever… I can’t keep up with the narrative anymore)

Geeky Hobbies: Vietnam War themed Acon kitbash first look

Literally the only downside to being kicked off of stupid Facebook for a month is that it’s the best place to post my various mini painting WiPs while I’m doing them. (the rest of that place is just a cesspool, but there’s some good hobby pages) I don’t normally post mini WiP pics to the blog, because WordPress gets crashy when I post too many pics. But here goes nothing.

These are all for the game Infinity. So this will be nerdy gibberish for most of you.

Having wrapped up the Wakanda themed Corregidor army, I needed a new epic kit bash (meaning these are all unique minis built out of parts cut up from other minis) project to work on. I decided to go with a Vietnam War theme. I’m using the Shock Army of Aconticimento. Basically these guys are all getting painted like they’re off of Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, etc and have been stuck in the jungle for a long time (lots of pigments and weathering)

So here is the first look at the MACP-SOG (Military Assistance Command Paradiso-Studies and Operations Group) or I’m just gonna call them Lurp for short.

Acon Regulars. I got the idea from the simple head swap using US Ariadna heads on Regular bodies I did a while ago (the already primed ones).  Heads are Mad Robot on a variety of Pano bodies and arms.

Next is the proxy everybody has been working on (since there isn’t a model yet) the Montessa Knight, mounted and dismounted. I used matching Father Knight bodies as the base for this, then cut down two different HMG arms to stand in for the boarding shotgun. (this fits the least with the theme, but is a super cool unit I want to play)

The Guardo de Assaulto looks like Lumberjack Commando. I made his Auxbot look like a pack mule.

Then Draikos and Scylla, same basic idea. If you’re gonna be in the jungle for weeks on end, make your robots carry your gear. (not pictured but I’m working on some other remotes too)

Bagh Mari, same basic idea as the Regulars

Nagas and Rao

And the big Dragao center piece, who is going to be named Animal Mother.  I’ve done a ton more work on this one already, but this is a step by step pictorial project. 🙂

EDIT: I’ve done more to the TAG


First Look at the Custom Earl Harbinger S&W 625 from Apex

I just got this beauty from Apex Tactical

It’s custom everything, and it is gorgeous. Scott at Apex put a lot of thought into this project, and every decision was Earl Harbinger specific. The trigger is really good.

I’ll put up a longer post with more details next month (even throttled FB track backs are my #1 sources of blog hits, so might as well wait until I’m out of jail so more people can see it)