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The eARC for Servants of War by me and Steve Diamond is out now. (Steve is the other host on WriterDojo, so this is the book we’ve been talking about a lot if you are a listener)

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Even if you don’t buy the eARC, the first ten chapters are there as a free sample.

There will be some typos and that sort of thing, but honestly my manuscripts tend to be really clean, and I’ve never had a major change between an eARC and the final product in all the years I’ve been doing this.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did working on it.

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WriterDojo S1 Ep14: Supporter Spectacular (round 1)

Hey all- Jack Wylder here.
This week on the WriterDojo, the guys start answering the questions sent in by our supporters. (Next week will be Round 2)
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Do I unfairly Paint the left with a broad brush?

This was posted to my comments by someone I honestly believe means well –

This is a beautiful fisking of someone who *earned* that fisking. Thank you.

That having been said–and I say this with all respect intended–I note that when it comes to conservatives, you have a tendency to (rightfully!) argue in favor of individual accountability; you acknowledge that some people on the right are assholes but correctly point out that the vast majority are NOT. And you have little tolerance when it is implied that the assholes should be taken as representative of the whole.

When it comes to the left, though, it sometimes feels to me as though you paint with a remarkably broad brush. Speaking as someone who lives in a blue state and who has a fair number of Democrat/Liberal family and friends…’the left’ is not nearly so monolithic as you paint them.

It’s a mistake to imagine all Democrats to be mustache-twirling-evil monsters, IMO. Are there some assholes on the left? Absolutely! But the vast majority are people that I hope you’d get along with just fine if you were chatting across a table with a beer in hand. In my experience, most are genuinely moral people whose greatest flaw is that their idealism is not tempered by realism. And, yes, that flaw can sometimes present in ugly ways…but I like to believe that such conflicts can be better resolved with conversation rather than condemnation.

The assholes on the left might be your enemy, but I don’t think that the entirety of ‘the left’ needs to be.

This was my response, and then afterwards I’m going to expound the hell out of it.

If the majority of the left aren’t my enemy, the burden of proof is on them, because frankly I haven’t seen jack shit from most of them beyond paying lip service to principles, as the rest of their fellows go about doing whatever horrible thing they feel like, and the ones who claim to be moral sit there silently and let them.

I do paint with a broad brush about the left, because democrats who stand up against leftist insanity are a tiny minority.

Then I get to listen to people like you, who are probably honestly decent people, tell me that you’re not all insane… Great. SHOW ME.
My liberal friends (and yes, I do have a few still, though most tossed me under the bus as soon as there was any societal pressure to do so) will constantly chide me about my words, or my attitude, and go tsk tsk, how rude! But then when people on their side go bat shit fucking insane, they sit there meekly and stand for nothing, because they know the beast they fed will just as easily turn and eat them too.

Besides, as soon as a democrat stands for principle outside of the narrative, they get tossed. Pick any of them in media, punditry, or academia. Any at all. Glenn Greenwald. Tim Pool. Jordan Peterson. Those were all mushy moderates, until they say hey wait, the left is going nuts, and boom, now the left thinks they are the second coming of Satan-Hitler. The party is currently enraged at Sinema and Manchin.

And I’m not alone in this. Most politically alert non-leftists will tell you the same thing. You belong to a cult which will not abide heresy. You want to show us that you aren’t all authoritarian statist trash, DO SOMETHING.

Okay. Now for some expounding. Of course not everyone on the left is the same. It’s a big tent. There’s old fashioned liberals, who though they believe in stupid backwards policies, usually tend to have good but naïve intentions. Then there are the progressives, who are basically communist puritans who are actively trying to destroy America. Then there’s the news media, which is just pure Satanic evil. There are also useful idiot NPCs who don’t really have any belief system at all, who just repeat whatever script they are fed that day.

I can say equally insulting things about the right. We’re a big dumb tent too. It ranges from liberty minded people to authoritarians. We even let stupid Mitt Romney in it for some baffling and inexplicable reason. Many in the GOP are trash grifters or NRO cruise ship snobs. However, even though the most loathsome of republicans are corrupt, lazy, shiftless, and stupid, they usually aren’t trying to actively destroy the country.

The worst of both sides are the proverbial swamp creatures. And whether you loved Trump or hated him, there’s no denying that there’s a bloated, elitist, co-dependent bureaucrat/academic/pundit class whose primary motivation is getting and keeping more power for themselves.

So of these various competing factions, why do I typically paint the left with a broad brush?

Because you fucking deserve it.

I see the right fight with itself constantly. The right is its own worst enemy in that respect. That’s why there’s always the joke about republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Too many of them are passive wusses who wish to maintain the status quo. Their ultimate achievement is to lose with dignity.

The left however gets shit done, because they always put aside their differences and work toward whatever goal their elite wants. This is effective, but also what makes them despicable.

For this next part I’m not talking about the politicians or the punditry. Those guys pick a narrative, no matter how false it may be, and they fucking PUSH. They run with that narrative until it absolutely collapses, then they make up a new narrative and run with it instead.

No. I’m talking about YOU. Regular people. Voters. The guy next door. The masses on the internet. Just average joes. Democrats. Libs. Whatever you call yourself. Anybody who identifies as being on the left.

When your leaders pick a narrative, you drink that Kool-Aid. Even if it’s shit flavored Kool-Aid, most of you smile and tell us it’s the best fucking Kool-Aid you’ve ever tasted. It’s milk from the teat of a magic cherry flavored Unicorn. Nope. It’s shit. You all know it’s shit. But you go along with the narrative anyway.

When the insane progs among you lie their asses off, I’m talking blatant, easily disproven, painfully ham-fisted, fucking LIES… Do you call them out? Do you say, “hang on guys, that’s a little nuts”. Because if you do, the rest of us sure as fuck don’t ever see it. Pick a topic, any topic. It’s always the same.

When people nominally on your side are saying crazy, vile, violent, wacky shit on the internet… do you jump in? When I go out on Twitter yesterday and I find hundreds of posts from fucking scumbags dancing in blood, how come I didn’t see comments from Caring Liberals condemning them? (hell when some prog wrote that an evil motherfucker running over 50 people was karma and that Wisconsin DESERVED it, and I condemned them for it, Facebook banned me for “bullying and hate speech”. Fucking good. That was my 9th 30 day. One more I think I get a free yogurt.)

Anytime there is a breaking news story, there will be legions of howling leftists, and blue check mark idiots, lying their asses off and saying the most horrific things imaginable. And since they literally own social media, they get an official pass while the uppity on the right get officially squashed. We’ve all seen it. From trending hash tags that mysterious vanish, shadow bans, to ultra-biased fact checkers, to Youtube demonetizing wrong thinkers or even getting rid of the thumbs down button.

Yet as your fellow travelers are saying all this horrid shit, where are you? You’re supposedly sane. You claim to have a voice of moderation, but it must be a whisper because we certainly can’t hear it.

Social media is a constant barrage of Common Internet Shit Gibbons popping in and screaming at everybody who diverges from the accepted leftist narrative. They work off a standardized playbook and repetitive talking points, sneering derision, and passive aggressive insults designed to get around algorithms, and it is all designed to shame people into silence.

Yet many people on the right are slowly waking up to this game, and they’re beginning to fight back, skipping the false civility, and getting right to the meat of things, and returning insult for insult… Oh THEN I can count on the Caring Liberals to show up! Inevitably, every fucking time. Whenever someone on the right fights back, that’s when the real-life liberals you know magically appear to cry about “civility” and “tone” and such rudeness!

Gee whiz, Aunt Margaret/coworker #7/guy from the gym. Where the fuck were you when the leftist assholes were screeching at me and wiping their diseased anus on my carpet? Nowhere. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s because you voices of reason don’t actually care about civility, you just care about shaming your wrong thinking friends and family into compliance. You emotionally manipulative motherfuckers.

Why do I have such scorn and derision for the so-called reasonable voices on the left? A. I don’t believe most of you. B. If you do exist, you’re cowards, who do nothing, say nothing, and then maybe show up after the dust settles to chide the rest of us about our tone.

Anybody with the courage to speak up on the left is swiftly set upon by the rest and devoured. They’re the cow and social justice warriors are the piranhas.

Sad part is I know many liberals in real life who will admit that they helped create a monster, and its now gone out of control, and the beast will eat them if they draw its ire. Oh, they’ll tell me this in person, but they won’t say shit in public. Because they know they’ll get cancelled, boycotted, fired, mocked, threatened, and kicked out of the Goodthinkers Club.

Basically, when it comes to social interaction progs are the abusive trailer park husband. He sets the rules. He beats his family. He’s irrational and petty. The “rules” are arbitrary and capricious. If you know anything about abusive family relationships, you know there’s also co-dependents and enablers. That’s you fuckers. “It’s your fault he hit you.” “Maybe if you’re quiet he won’t get so mad.” “You brought this on yourself.” Note, this also describes the squish wing of the republicans. Just like the co-dependents, they get upset at any member of the family who challenges the abuser’s rules.

 So yeah, I paint with a broad brush, because you do nothing, say nothing, and are basically fucking useless. “Oh, I agree that defunding the police is crazy.” Great. Go tell them that… Fucking crickets. Because you know your trailer park husband will punch you in the face and then order you to fetch him another beer.

You so-called moderates know I’m telling the truth. Watch, you’ll get super personally butt hurt in the comments, and act all offended, like how dare Correia say such cruel and untrue things? But it’s the struck dog that yelps. How many of your friends have you tossed under the bus? How many times have you been forced to disavow someone when the mob came for them? How many times have you kept your mouth shut, head down, or eyes closed while bad awful shit was being said? How many times have you been tempted to stand for something you believe in, but didn’t? I’m betting it’s too damned many.

I bet that wears on your soul.

Authoritarians of both stripes hate the nail which sticks up. It must be hammered down. Only my side’s authoritarians are a bunch of fucking dumbasses armed with Fisher Price squeaky hammers, so my side is littered with nails. We can actually talk shit about each other and our ideas. Your side’s authoritarians are a band of statist thugs, allied with the most powerful big tech corporations, and the most lock step media conglomerate in human history. When one of you stick up, you’re going to get hit with the hammer of Thor.

Doesn’t that suck? How can you bear it?

Joe Biden is utter shit. His administration is utter shit. This is an obvious truth. I have the ability to say it. Do you? Can you go out on social media in left wing circles and admit the super obvious? Can you say that the emperor has no clothes? (or the emperor is a corrupt doddering dementia patient with a long history of groping little girls on video?)

And before you try the moral equivalence argument that both sides are the same, no, they clearly aren’t. Because I, a well-known novelist, talked mad shit about Trump in 2016, and I’ve still got a career. I thought he was conning the right and he was going to govern like a New York democrat (i.e. an authoritarian asshole). Yet the right didn’t destroy me for it. (full disclosure, I was wrong, he was way better than I expected, and I supported him in 2020).  The difference was many on the right disagreed with me, we fought, called each other names, argued, and then moved on. As long as you are honest about what you believe and why, most people on the right don’t give a fuck. The right didn’t try to cancel me or get me fired. They didn’t organize boycotts. They didn’t black ball me and kick me out of events.

The only people the right “cancels” (we are crap at it) are the ones who pretend to be something they aren’t and lie about it to sabotage (i.e. The Lincoln Project) and even then, those dishonest fucks don’t get cancelled. The right doesn’t know how to cancel for shit. They still have jobs and a platform. They just get mocked for being dishonest losers.

However, you cross the left? You’re fucking toast. They will destroy you. We’ve all seen it. Repeatedly. Over and over and over and over and over again. The left will build a narrative about how you are ultimate evil and must be shunned forever and kicked from polite society.

Look at Jordan Peterson. If you actually listen to the guy he’s a fairly innocuous little Canadian academic. His message isn’t shocking. There’s nothing lurid or sensational about the guy. The stuff he states is kind of no-brainer stuff for most people. Except then he diverged from the narrative, and holy shit, according to the left he is LITERALLY the Red Skull (and that’s two blog posts in a row I mentioned that character, which means the left will go REEEEE NAZI!!!!)

Actors, writers, musicians, athletes, business leaders… if they’re on the right they keep their heads down so they can keep their jobs. If they are on the left they can say the most inane fucking bullshit imaginable, even pretending that pedophile serial rapists are heroes with cute nicknames, and they get a pass… and you alleged moderates fucking sit there, not saying shit, like that’s perfectly okay.

Cowards, the lot of you.

I learned this personally the hard way, several years ago when I was once the nail that stuck up and annoyed the left. They came at me every which way. They got me kicked out of everything. They tried to ruin my career (and failed, because they are morons who don’t understand my audience). They said the most fake, vile, disgusting fucking lies you can imagine, and while they were making all this outlandish shit up, do you know what the vast majority of my liberal friends did?


And back then I was naïve and still had more liberal friends, hard not to, if you’re in the writing business. But they did fucking nothing. They kept their mouths shut. They let obvious lies pass. To be fair a couple of them stood up and said, “no, I know Larry in real life, that’s simply not true.” And they got smacked down hard. The wolf turned on them, snarled, and my liberal friends promptly pissed themselves in fear, cowered, and begged for mercy.

I’ve since learned that I simply can’t trust you, because regardless of whatever you claim your principles to be, you will promptly abandon them in the instant they are needed most. Caring Liberals who looked me in the eye before I annoyed the left told me “I support you.” “I agree with you.” “This must be said.” But then when the heat came, they wilted.

You always fucking wilt. Liberal “friends” will sell you out in a heartbeat. Your lofty claims of courage are meaningless because your courage only extends in one direction. You will stand up against your ideological opponents, but you’ll never stand up against your allies. Because your allies are far scarier.

Oh, but that’s not quite correct. There is one time that liberals will stand up against their own. Once an abuser reaches a critical mass of having been too awful, and there’s enough of you allied together, and most importantly the abuser is no longer valuable to the overall leftist narrative, then and only then, will you do something. That’s why Governor Cuomo can go from Emmy award winning, book deal having, America’s Governor, hero of the hour who can do no wrong… to utter fucking shit in the space of a few days. There’s a multitude of other examples of this as well.

That’s because your side has no principles. You have political expediency.

Except that behavior of throwing your own to the wolves isn’t a good thing. It’s actually the worst thing of all about your side. If you are an asset to the narrative, then you are protected. Should you become a liability, you will be quickly liquidated. Thus, liberals walk around on egg-shells, constantly scared they will violate some shibboleth, cross some new arbitrary line, and then get devoured in a cannibal feeding frenzy.

But my gosh, liberals… isn’t living like that exhausting?

I’ll say this behavior has been super fun to watch in the writing world, as liberal heroes of old fail to keep up with whatever the latest commandment is, and all the little jealous writers who worshipped them yesterday turn on them today. I enjoy watching people tell me there’s no such thing as cancel culture five years ago get cancelled. Schadenfreude is a hell of a drug.

I paint you with a broad brush because you deserve it. You are no longer a coherent political philosophy. You are a church. You’ve got clergy, prophecies, and you are expected to act on faith. You must make sacrifices to your idols in public, or the others will doubt your conviction. Your commandments change hourly, but no sin is tolerated. And if you fail to live up to their demands, your church sure does burn a lot of heretics!

The guy who made the comment is right about one thing. In person, in real life, you Caring Liberals are super nice. But let’s be honest, that’s because if you talked the way you talk on the internet to someone’s face, you’d probably get your ass kicked. On the flip side I’ve seen liberals say about me “Larry is much nicer in person than he is on the internet.” Indeed, because none of you assholes would ever say to my face the stuff you say to me online a few hundred times a day. (I’ve had a couple of you step up over the years, but you had to get pretty drunk first).

Even then, that mask is slipping, as the left now has violent gangs of rioting hoodlums ready to loot and burn shit on command. 2020 saw insane amounts of chaos and destruction across America’s cities. This was clearly awful and hurt most the very communities you claimed you wanted to help. And what did you reasonable sane Caring Liberals say during that? Either nothing, or some mumbly-mouthed meaningless platitudes about justice. Or you actively rooted for maniacs to tear apart society.

I can count on my fingers the liberals who had the fucking audacity to stand up and say “Whoa! This is bad! This does not help!” And in the year since you drove most of them out of your party.

Like I said, you don’t have principles, you have political expediency. I’ve watched sane and rational liberals rationalize the most asinine things imaginable, things which I know are against that person’s fundamental belief system. A really sad one is watching devoutly religious Christians cheer on abortion, because that’s required of them. How do you sleep at night? This post isn’t even about any specific political topic, but how do you profess to believe one thing religiously, but then go against your God because your idols demand it?

I’ve also watched you “sane and rational” liberals buy guns this year because you got terrified of mob violence, all while you still post about how rioters are good, guns should be banned, and let’s defund the police. Hell, I helped a few of you learn to shoot! You fucking know who you are.

Hypocrisy sucks.

All that said, I don’t hate you. I pity you. I feel bad for the mental gymnastics you have to perform. I feel bad that you can’t say what you really mean. I wish that you could get out of your abusive relationship. Quit lying. Repeating things that are clearly not true is bad for your mental health. Cognitive dissonance is bad for you. If you believe something, stand up. Say what you really mean. Mean what you say. They can’t cancel you all.

You want respect? Break the cycle.

Fisking one of the many Dumb Hot Takes on The Rittenhouse Case

In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse trial there are a bunch of posts like this floating around social media. They all work off the same talking points so they are basically interchangeable. These are all being shared to bamboozle the gullible and shore up the dedicated idiots. I picked this one because of how many lies and distortions it packed into one post. Going into detail on all of his fuck ups would take a book, so this is kind of a turbo fisk, and it’s still long. I know I’ve got a ton of lawyers who read these, so if I screwed anything up let me know.

As usual, the idiot I’m fisking is in italics. My responses are in bold.

From a military legal worker:

– after you read this you’ll agree that’s almost certainly a lie or a bit of exaggeration.

I’m seeing a lot of ignorance and misinformation flying around about what happened in Kenosha,

– so he’s about to add to it.

and I’m going to set the record straight from a professional legal position…

– as you will see, this is a horseshit. Instead he obfuscates the law to sell a narrative.

as well as from a former military position.

– utterly irrelevant appeal to authority. Military experience has nothing to do with civilian self-defense law. That’s like Neil DeGrasse Tyson syndrome, where you know about astronomy, so obviously we all want to hear your dumbass opinion on every other topic.

I’m going to explain some things from a more technical angle derived from my many years as a paralegal and from my experience working in federal criminal justice and prosecution.

– Let’s see how that shakes out for him, shall we?

Legally, if you are in the process of a commission of a crime, it negates your ability to claim self defense if you kill someone. As in, it can’t even be entered as your official defense in court.

– except this trial needed to determine if KR was in fact in the commission of a crime or not. Related, and I’m surprised this guy didn’t bring it up is the claim that the judge was “biased” because he wouldn’t let the rioters be called “victims.” Well duh, that’s because the purpose of a case like this is for the jury to decide if they are victims or assailants.

On that note, since I’m shooting down all the other stupid talking points, here’s a common one. Whenever some prog says the judge was biased, ask how, and then watch them choke. If they respond, it’ll be the “victims” bit, or it’ll be that the judge yelled at the prosecutors for saying that invoking your 5th Amendment rights makes you guilty, or when they got caught not giving the defense the right evidence. But none of that was bias. That was embarrassing levels of prosecutorial misconduct. They didn’t deserve to be yelled at, they deserve to be disbarred, and then sent to jail.

It is similar to getting rear-ended at a red light through zero fault of your own, but you were driving without a license or insurance. It automatically makes you at fault because you weren’t even legally allowed to be driving.

– as you will see, this guy loves to torture analogies. Too bad they don’t actually apply to this case.

That 17 year old in Kenosha had committed two crimes and was not even legally allowed to open carry the rifle he used to shoot three people. This means that he legally cannot claim self defense.

– Demonstrably false. He was legally allowed to be carrying that rifle in Wisconsin. So that whole opening argument was moot. The weapons charge was dropped because the Wisconsin law did in fact allow KR to carry that gun, in that way, in that place.

I’m glad he didn’t bring up the whole hE cRoSsEd sTaTe lInEs!! talking point though, because that’s just stupid. He drove in from the suburbs to a place where he works and a bunch of his close family live.

Another key discussion is the Castle Doctrine

– thus begins a super long digression into a law which doesn’t really have anything to do with the KR case in an attempt to sound smart to low information types.

Some of you may be vaguely familiar with it,

-More than this jackass, obviously.

as it is what allows you to use deadly force when someone comes into your house unlawfully, etc. But there are some finer points most people don’t realize that you generally have to do some formal legal studies to know.

– as in formal legal studies, he means reading tweets from blue check mark dorks on Twitter.

First, as soon as someone sets foot inside the threshold of your home uninvited that you believe intends to commit a crime, you can legally use deadly force and it is immediately considered self defense, even if they haven’t made any violent threats or actions towards harming you. This is because in every instance outside your home, you are required to retreat and extricate yourself from a dangerous situation if possible.

Wrong. Holy shit, you fucking mope, insanely wrong. The first part is kinda right, but dumbed down, and the second half is just fucking insane. He’s mixing up Castle Doctrine with Duty To Retreat, and most states have no Duty to Retreat.

It is a legal mandate, not a suggestion.

– It’s bullshit.

Your home is considered the final retreat point, and legally you should be safe in your “Castle.” There is nowhere else to retreat to, etc. This is why you are able to immediately use deadly force. However, it is NOT to protect your property, it is for protecting your LIFE.

– Depending on what state you live in, this is also wrong.

And once the burglar, for instance, has left your home… the threat to your life is considered neutralized, and deadly force is no longer authorized. So if a burglar runs out the door and down the street with your TV, you are no longer allowed to shoot after them because they are not threatening your life. You call the police, you file a claim with your insurance, and you get a new TV. If you shoot a burglar in the back down the street, you can and should be charged with murder.

-So he went through all of that stuff explaining the law wrong, just to get to a tortured analogy that has nothing to do with the KR case… What that actually was, was an attempt to sound like a big smart legal expert on the internet to bamboozle the gullible.

While you are out in PUBLIC, this means a lot of things obviously. It means that there is far more scrutiny and boxes that must be checked in order to claim self defense.

-Sorta, but this porkchop could have just explained how self-defense law actually works rather than his goofy bit about Castle Doctrine, but if he’d done that honestly it would later be clear that clearing KR was the correct decision. How it actually works in most of America (super brief version) – does your assailant have the ability and opportunity to cause you serious bodily harm, and are they acting in a manner that a reasonable person would believe they are an immediate threat?

Here is an article I wrote 7 years ago that goes through all this in a little more depth.

Note. Nobody who knows the stuff in that article was surprised by this verdict. If you follow our social media our biggest doubts about the verdict concerned jury intimidation, and just how much prosecutorial misconduct Flufferboy2004 and Fatlock would be able to get away with.  

You must be in IMMINENT danger of losing life and limb.

True. And at this point I’m actually amazed he got one!

Getting into an argument and feeling scared of being punched by an unarmed person? Not likely to be a situation where deadly force is authorized.

-But then right back to the lies. If he was such a legal expert he’d know that it is well established that you do not need a weapon to have ability to cause serious bodily harm. Personal Weapons (hands, feet) are used in more murders in America than rifles.

You MUST retreat.

A particularly galling lie, and also irrelevant to this case because KR did retreat repeatedly. First he ran from Rosenbaum and did not fire until cornered. Then he tried to retreat to the police when he was intercepted by Huber and Jump Kick Man.

If someone shoots at you or pulls a knife on you in the street, that is deadly force and can be met with deadly force.

– partially true, but dumbed down. See above about ability, opportunity, and jeopardy. They can have a knife or a gun, but they also have to be acting in a manner that suggests they are an immediate threat of doing something with it. So no, leftyprog dipshits, your silly memes to the contrary you can’t just attack people who are openly armed. That’s illegal and a quick way to leave the gene pool.

But if the person is unarmed, you cannot shoot them because you’re afraid of a little scuffle.

– A filthy lie. I guarantee that with my bare hands I could place this individual into a situation where he would have no choice but to use lethal force against me or perish. The Prosecution tried this idiot argument on the jury, with their “everybody takes a beating sometimes”. No. Legally, you do not have to “take a beating”. Fuck off with that nonsense.  

That is why Rittenhouse illegally shot the first protester, and it is one of the many reasons it cannot be considered self defense.

– Lie. Rosenbaum had the ability and opportunity and was clearly presenting a threat of serious bodily harm. Rosenbaum made verbal threats of serious bodily harm. KR did retreat. Rosenbaum pursued and then tried to take the rifle. Video, witnesses, and forensic evidence are all in agreement.

The man threw a plastic bag with trash in it at him AND MISSED, and Rittenhouse shot him.

-Are you an underpants gnome? What happened to the entire middle part of the story, you dishonest fuck?

He chased his victim and instigated a fight by brandishing and flagging people with his rifle,

– More lies. There is no evidence from video or witnesses that KR chased anyone. Having a slung rifle is not legally brandishing. The prosecution tried to make the flagging argument, but the only way they could do so was to show a super grainy picture that A. was created using software that is specifically NOT to ever be used for evidentiary purposes. And B. in that AI created picture, KR magically turned left-handed for a second, which is a neat feat considering the rifle was slung (as in attached to his body) RIGHT in every other video.

The prosecution also tried and failed to make the instigation argument, because KR used a fire extinguisher to put out an arson fire started by Rosenbaum, thus provoking the fine and upstanding citizen. HOW DARE HE!?!

because he is an untrained idiot with a gun.

– A profoundly disingenuous argument. Training is awesome (I love taking gun classes, and used to teach some) but training is not a prerequisite for exercising your right to self-defense. Most defensive gun uses in America are done by people with little to no real training. And despite that lack of professional training KR still kept a cooler head and a better hit percentage than many police departments.

The protester was not a threat,

– Another lie. See the link about reasonable man assumptions. You are not required to assume the best about the angry crazy guy who earlier promised to murder you.  

and even if he was, all he had to do was retreat back to the police line.

– a foul and loathsome lie, because KR clearly tried to run away from Rosenbaum, who CHASED HIM.

He rushed at protesters with a gun drawn to pick a fight,

-Lie. You guys sensing a pattern to these narratives yet?

and people are acting as if he were just there to keep the peace.

– As established by all the witnesses, his giving first aid, and the putting out fires, he was. And even if he wasn’t, and he was just hanging out, that doesn’t negate his right to self-defense.

He fired INTO A CROWD,

– He did not. He fired at individual targets. Most of whom were at contact distance because they were actively striking or grabbing for him at the time. The only one shot past conversational distance was actively pointing a firearm at KR and admitted so under oath.

and it’s a miracle he didn’t hit more people.

– true of any gun use in a chaotic urban environment, however that doesn’t negate his right to fire the gun in an act of self-defense.

More people that hadn’t thrown a plastic bag.

– note how this dishonest piece of shit once again leaves out the verbal threats, the chase, and the attempted weapon snatch. None of this is in question. Even the prosecution’s own witnesses cop to this. Even the prosecution admitted to the attempted snatch when they tried to make the claim that because the gun was slung KR would be fine… Which just shows that Littlebinger knows as much about weapon retention as he does gun safety. Because someone gets ahold of your slung rifle, and you don’t know how to lock it down, you’re gonna end up as the tetherball.

More people that were just trying to protest police brutality,

– Calling this a lie is too generous. That’s fucking asinine bullshit. I’m sure the decent human beings who were there to peacefully protest bail when the assholes start setting garbage trucks on fire. There is a difference between protestors and rioters, and America is sick of you disingenuous fucks purposefully confusing the two. So take your “fiery but mostly peaceful protest” and shove it up your ass.

which is a real issue in this country.

– Police brutality does happen. And I’d bet that if this guy really is in law enforcement (lol) he would be one of the problems. It’s always the guilty assholes who posture and project the hardest who do nasty shit. His writing shows a clear lack of integrity and character. Anybody with this much ego and dishonesty would have zero problem giving a suspect a little stick time and covering it up later.

And then when he did finally run away, some more protesters attempted to subdue him after he had already murdered someone, he tripped, and shot two people trying to stop him from shooting others.

– More lies and leaving out the inconvenient bits. KR was retreating toward the police. I believe the RIOTERS who tried to intercept him hadn’t seen him shoot Rosenbaum (can’t confirm this though because it appears the prosecutors hid Jump Kick Guy from the defense), they were acting off of the word of the mob, and they tried to intercept him BEFORE HE COULD GET TO THE COPS. He was struck. Kicked in the head. And beaten with a skateboard.

After shooting Huber, Grosskeutz (sp?) got shot. Only he did not get shot until he RAISED HIS PISTOL AND POINTED IT AT KR. He was even dumb enough to say this on the stand. (this was the funniest moment of the whole trial). Afterwards Prosecutor Lunchbox tried to argue that pistols aren’t dangerous when being used one handed. Between that and Flufferboy talking about exploding hollowpoints, all of us gun people got severe migraines while watching this amateur hour shit.

On a completely unrelated note Grosskeutz looks like a Great Value Hunter Biden. And from all the DUIs and falling out of his chair drunk during the pre-trial, apparently parties like Hunter too.

The fact that the police didn’t arrest him and take him into custody right then and there, even if they suspected it could be self defense, is a grave issue with that police department.

-This is the only inadvertently honest thing this piece of detritus has said. It is a bummer the cops dropped the ball and told KR to buzz off, because if they’d done their jobs then it would’ve killed that stupid lefty nonsense about “fleeing across state lines” (i.e. driving back to the suburbs). But if the police had been doing their jobs that night, Rosenbaum and crew wouldn’t have been out destroying things and setting other people’s property on fire.

I could further dissect this situation, but for now I’m going to end with people passing around misinformation about the victims being “criminals so they deserved it.”

-Oh, I’m sure he could go on, but if this dreck was what he lead with, I wouldn’t expect more analysis to get any better.

First, there are no actual records of Jacob Blake or the people shot by Rittenhouse being in the official sex offender’s registry. None of them raped a 14 year old girl years ago, that is complete fabrication being purposely spread by right wing extremist sites in order to try and justify the shootings.

-A total lie. Rosenbaum has been confirmed to be a total shitbag. I believe he was convicted of forcible sodomy of five boys, aged 5 to 11, and literally got out of a mental ward that morning.  Huber was also a felon. Grosskeutz had an expunged felony and charges pending. Jump Kick Guy had multiple felonies and charges pending. And I believe the others two assholes who were with that crew, and fired the first shots, also had felonies. And none of those felonies were for tax evasion, if you know what I mean. That’s a hell of a ratio and says a lot about the nature of these “peaceful protestors”.

The fun part about all this is that the left has to simp for pedophiles and pretend these dregs of society were heroic victims, even though we all know the real reason the left is upset is they can’t abide the idea of regular people not being too terrified of the system to stand up to their terror mobs.

Jacob Blake was indeed awaiting trial for sexual assault and trespassing, and did have a warrant for his arrest. It was not assault on a child, because that is a different charge with a different title. On the charging document, it would literally say that it was against a child. From what is publicly known, he allegedly broke into an ex girlfriend’s house and allegedly assaulted HER, but he is innocent until proven guilty, and still deserves his day in court. He could truly be innocent.

-This bit is extra fucking stupid because Jacob Blake wasn’t there, so all that is irrelevant.

Rittenhouse’s victims do not appear to have had any record,

-I am in awe of the investigative abilities of this dolt who is supposedly in law enforcement. If he’s in your jurisdiction, good luck with that.

and even if they did, he couldn’t have known that at the time. You cannot insist a shoot was justified AFTER the fact because “that person was a criminal.” Criminals have rights too, whether you like it or not, and it is enshrined in the very documents that built our country.

-He’s actually right here, except in an utterly pointless way. KR didn’t need to know their life stories to know that they were trying to murder him in that moment. That’s what matters. And the judge didn’t allow the defense to bring up their long sleazebag records in the trial, so that’s irrelevant there too. However, in the court of public opinion, the nature and character of those men becomes extremely important. And despite liberals not understanding the difference, the court of public opinion is different than a court of law.

If you don’t like the constitution and bill of rights, I don’t know what to tell you.

-Vote Democrat?

This is also not MY OPINION, this is literally how the criminal justice system and our laws work.

-No. It’s an opinion. And it’s a fucking dumb one at that. And shithead knows it too, which was why this is getting shared across the internet with no real name attached to it.

I hold a degree in paralegal studies and served 8 years as an Army paralegal.

-So you fetched coffee for JAG officers who went to actual law school.

I’ve worked for the criminal division in the Chicago US Attorney’s Office,

-Chicago? Well that fucking explains it. Once Lori Lightfoot gets her ten thousandth shooting the Red Skull will give her the Soul Stone.

and currently work in federal law enforcement.

-Where? The TSA?

Okay, to be fair, looking at the incredibly shitty state of many federal law enforcement agencies now, this part is probably true. He’s currently waterboarding an 86-year-old grandma for taking a selfie in the Capitol on January 6th.

This is what I do for a living, and I am not pulling this out of my ass, and my knowlege is a culmination of working in the field and being passionate about justice for 16 years.

-Pulling this out of your ass would probably be an improvement from where you actually got it from.

But hey, at least he’s passionate in his dishonesty. I guarantee if this piece of shit is a fed he’s the kind who keeps his jackboots polished, and he thought Christoph Waltz played the hero in Inglourious Basterds. To all my LE readers, fed, state, and local, you know exactly what type of motherfucker I’m talking about.

I’d be happy to send you sources and opines and case law and statutes if you need it.

-SEND IT, MOTHERFUCKER. All my fisks go viral so you’ll probably see this. Post them in the comments. And also post your actual resume so we all know what jurisdiction to avoid because it’s LE is brain damaged.

I did not get this from “mainstream media,” and I am not brainwashed by the left.

-You lying piece of shit, that was regurgitated blue check mark twitter pontificating with some C- level essay answers about self-defense law tacked on. Mainstream media would be a step up for you, and that’s saying something because Brian Stelter is a potato.

I’m an independent progressive.

-Oh, EXCUSE ME. My apologies when I thought you were “left” when you’re an “independent progressive”, which is apparently a synonym for braindead ass-muppet who faps to Bernie Sanders speeches.

On that note, since so many dumbfuck progs have been saying KR was a mass shooter, if you see a dude with a rifle in a public place the best way to find out if they intend a mass shooting or not is ask them how they feel about Bernie Sanders. If they say they love Bernie, FUCKING RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

May he face justice for what he did,

-And I hope you face justice for being a lying piece of shit, but I won’t hold my breath.

and may we find a way to get on common ground before more fuses to this powder keg are lit.

-The shit head arguing in favor of fiery riots is upset that the rule of law won out over jury intimidation, and he wants to chide us about “common ground”. We have no ground in common. Your fuckers are the ones who keep lighting the powder kegs, then you get butt hurt when somebody shoots them rather than getting blown up.

This has been my Ted Talk.

-That was a steaming pile of giraffe vomit.  

Basically guys, all the outrage over this trial is because the left is terrified of losing another tool in their toolbox. They love lawless mobs terrorizing you and wrecking your stuff. They love having you too scared of the system to stand up to their dirtbags. So that’s why they are lying their asses off and shedding fake tears for pedophile scum. The jury’s decision didn’t just say Rittenhouse was not guilty, but by extension, it says their useful idiot rioters were guilty, which damages the narrative. And anytime the truth goes against the narrative, the truth gets a bullet to the back of the neck.

The problem the left ran into this time in the court of public opinion was that all of the actual facts of the case were out there for anyone to see. (I really recommend Rekieta Law, who had phenomenal and entertaining coverage with lawyers watching the live stream. I was glued to it for much of the trial). So with the independent media doing the job that regular media won’t, it’s tougher for dishonest fucks like this to spread their lies.

But gullible people still listen to the media and the blue check marks, which was why they were heartbroken on Friday. If you actually believed the narrative nonsense, this case seems like a travesty.

Sorry, leftist punditry. You tried to put your fingers on the scale again, but you failed.

Cope and seethe, you dishonest fucks.