The Audiobook for Sakura is out now!

The audiobook for Sakura is out now!

I Book Bombed this one back when it came out in print. It is an awesome read.

This was my buddy Zach’s final book. He passed away suddenly just after finishing the rough draft. His good friends Pat Tracy and Paul Genesse finished the book for him and then put in a ton of effort to make sure it saw the light of day. All proceeds go to Zach’s widow.

I just used a credit on it myself but I’ve not listened to any of it yet. I loved the regular book though.

For Black Friday, think of my Amazon links as a tip jar. :)

Just a heads up because most of my readers don’t know this, but if you are going to be doing any shopping on Amazon anyway, if you enter Amazon through any of the book links on my blog off to the right side there, then I get a percentage of whatever you buy for the referral.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Amazon just takes it out of their regular fees they are charging you anyway. And it doesn’t have to be my books (though they make great Christmas presents!) but it can be on anything you buy as long as you enter Amazon through one of my links.

So it is a nice little Christmas bonus for me. Thanks. 🙂

New Adventures of Tom Stranger, narrated by Adam Baldwin, out today!

The new Tom Stranger, Number One in Customer Service, is available on Audible now!

This one is a complete collection. It includes the original Adventures of Tom Stranger, Murder of Manatees, and three all new stories featuring Tom and Jimmy the Intern. Doughnut Run, Apocalypse Cow, and The Custies.

Number One in Customer Service, new Tom Stranger audiobook narrated by Adam Baldwin available for preorder now

The new Tom Stranger is available for preorder on Audible now.

This one is a complete collection. It has three new stories, and also includes the first two. Adam Baldwin narrates once again, and they even got me to record the introduction.  Don’t worry, you only have to listen to my goofy voice for the first few minutes. 🙂